How can I protect myself from Psychic attacks?

Dear Rose, I am convinced that a psychic attack was the cause of my pregnancy ending unexpectantly at 33 weeks. Even now, many months later, I think that I am still threatened regularly by psychic attack, and would like some way to protect myself. I have gone to a energy healer who helps tremendously but it seems her protection wears off and then I am vulnerable again. Also, someone told me something about the interior of my home that he could not possibly know so now I wonder if it is possible that there is a spell that allows him and his wife to somehow “see” inside my home? In the past, he admitted to practicing Wicca. His wife I don’t know about but I wonder if she practices Black Magick. Can you help?

Merry Meet Friend,
It must be alarming to think that others are against you and also your unborn baby. However, our mind can also get carried away and we become very suspicious of everything. Neither experience helps us in our life. So what you can do is to relax and believe in the goodness of others while taking care to protect yourself from any psychic attacks. This way, you won’t have to worry so much about who does Black magick or who is hurting you intentionally, etc.
Here is a spell that you can do to protect yourself from psychic attacks.
Artemisia Mojo Hand Spell
Get one of more of the following herbs in dried form: Mugwort, Wormwood, Sweet Annie, Southernwood, Tarragon and Desert Sage. Find a small bag that you can close tightly and which will fit into your handbag that you carry around daily. Add a small moonstone to the herbs. If you cannot find a moonstone, you may also use chalcedony crystal. (For more protection, you can use both).
Now find a piece of real silver in the form of a charm or pendant. Any charm will do but it is more potent if the charm is in the form of a dog or dragon.
Try to find a minature Moon tarot card and add it to the collection. If you can only find a large card,roll it into a small size if possible.Anoint the collection in the bag with essential oil of Tuberose or night-blooming Jasmine.
Carry the bag with you at all times and you will be protected from any psychic attacks.
Remember, when you have completed the spell, you have to let go of all suspicions and fears which torment you. Remember, your thoughts manifest exactly as you visualize them. So visualize only positive happenings in your life and your days will be filled with joy.
Brightest Blessings.

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