How can I put a curse on someone?

I need to put a curse on someone, a very powerful someone may I add.. I’ve known people that have before and well, it diddnet quite work out. Hes a very bad person, in may ways to many diffrent types of people.. and I need heop to do this.. Please, and thank you.. -Shailyn

Merry Meet Shailyn, It is indeed very unfortunate that this person has hurt a lot of people, including you. I am sure that many of us would want instant revenge to teach him a lesson. If he is a bad person, there may be a reason why he is behaving like that. Some people have suffered a lot as children and their parents probably never taught them the good ways of life. Or they may have fallen victim to friends who were into criminal activities, etc. There are many reasons why people may react negatively, even people who are very powerful in society. What you can do is to do a spell to heal this person. Such a spell will not return negativity, but three times the goodness to you. And you as well as the rest of the people who were hurt by this person can live in peace when the spell works on him. In order to heal him, try this spell: Get a photograph of this person. Get four white candles. Set the photograph in the middle and place the four white candles around the photograph. Light them. Invoke the guardinans and invite the Goddess and God. Light incense if you have any. Imagine the energy of the light and incense cleansing the person in the photograph and and making his mind peaceful, happy and kind. Imagine him hugging the people who he could have hurt (including you). Hold one of the candles and chant: Banish his agony, let our wounds heal. Banish the suffering, no suffering to feel. Imagine this person protected by a healing purple light. Now sit in meditation for some time visualizing him smiling and hugging everyone. Allow the candles to burn and carry off your intentions into the Universe.

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  1. grace onda says:

    i want u to put a curse on this guy anything to make him stop. he wanted to post my body on the internet. i want him to make him suffer ok. this is email address. please i want him to suffer ok. [email protected]. this is his email address ok.

  2. jermeshayie says:

    im trying to put voodoo on a guy thay im madley in love, what can i do to keep him and get him back

  3. Charles Pell says:

    I would like to put a very bad curse on Charles Joseph Pell, Springfield Illinois and his new wife; may she be aware of his evil nature. I believe he is mentally ill; he tends to hurt others for his gain. My he not hurt any children, as he tends to want to want to work for schools. May all his hurtful ways come back to him threefold. If his wife is the same nature as him may she also be cursed. May the light protect those around him and those he and his friends hurt.

  4. james says:

    i want some one to die

  5. shelly says:

    There’s is a certain man who is a lady killer meaning he thrives on breaking a woman’s heart. He is a disgrace to society and must be stopped. This man used me as a whipping post and thrived on huring me. He is downright evil and needs a hex/curse placed on him immediately. I am typically a God living individual but this guy has got me so angry on how he hurt me that I actually want him cursed. Can you please assist and do this for me pronto?

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