How can I quit seeing ghosts?

how do you become a real powerful witch with powers. how do you get rid of seeing ghosts and hearing them. Im desperate please email me back. :] :] :] :] :];;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Love: Courtney

Dear Courtney,

I’m sorry that you have been tormented by ghosts. Are they bothersome or are you just concerned about seeing them?

Ghosts are generally just spirits that have not been able to move on to the next life. Sometimes they are just trying to get a message to you and sometimes, they are simply trying to have a little fun. Most of the time ghosts ahve similar personalities in death as they had in life and some are serious mischief makers.

As strange as it siounds, if the ghosts are really bothering you, one of the best ways to deal with it is to have a short conversation withthem.  If that doesn’t work, go somewhere without the ghosts and cast a protection spell on yourself. Carryign the protection charm with you at all times will keep them away and let you concentrate.

As to your other question, the best way to become a powerful witch is to study, study, study .  Witchcraft is like just about everything else and the way you get better at it is to study.  You should meet with other witches and learn from them and try to get exposure to as many different types of spells as possible.

It is important to try to develop your skills voer time and with the guidamce of other witches. Age and practice are the only ways to become powerful.

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4 Responses to “How can I quit seeing ghosts?”

  1. ghostknight says:

    hello i am ghostknight by the name u can tell a bit about me i am a withv but i can not contorl my powers i can tell u now to get rid of the ghosts tell them to leave if this dose not work then ask them why they have not crossed over and help them and if u have any spells email them to me at [email protected]
    ps if that dose not work i will get rid of them for u from my crypt

  2. Aundrea says:

    sometimes, people think seeing ghosts is a curse, i see it as a gift AND a curse, sure, it’s scary, but you can help them by talking to them, i talk to them all the time

  3. courtney says:

    i can hear ghosts but dont see them i used to see shadow ghosts but not no more.
    i mean i hear them talk and i can hear them walk around my house my family is scared but im like okay with it not really scared i mean i try talking to them. but they dont talk back to me

  4. Megan says:

    Lately, pretty consistentally I am seeing groups of people by my bedside or roaming my home at night. One night I actually took out a baseball bat and swung at an overweight man who was standing in my living room only to pass right through him watch him laugh and then disappear. Last night and for the several nights I have seen a group of about 5-6 people around my home mainly visible at night. Last night I asked them who they were and what they wanted and a woman shook her head pointed off in a direction and disappeared, it almost looked like sign language, she was blonde slender and dressed in clothes from the 1970′s, disappeared. I have seen this woman several times along with this same group. It is feeling a bit eery. When I was a child I would often see people watching me play the violin and set up chairs for them. Now I don’t see them as much during the daytime, probably too busy in my life to pay attention. But I seriously almost called the police the other night I got up got the phone and then noticed my burglar alarm is still on.

    The most scary night I saw a man through a tear in the ceiling fan talking upwards and reaching towards my daughter.

    Most of the time they look like another real person standing there, sometimes all I can see are grey outlines of people but they always disappear.

    Is this a result of the coma I was in as a small child?

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