How can I regain the trust of my boyfriend and his family?

Hi rose, I have wronged my boyfriend and his family. I lost my mind for a while and went on a huge shopping spree opened up credit cards in his name and used his business account as well. I found out it was to a disease of bipolar which I am now under treatment. I need him and his familt to forgive me for what I did and I want a second chance. I know what I did was wrong and I want him and his familt to trust me again. Is this possible. What can I do. in pain, Maria

Merry Meet Maria. Most of us at one time or another have done something wrong and regretted it immensely. It is human to err in our judgements. That is how we live; by learning from one experience or another. Opening up credit cards and using your boyfriend’s business account was very wrong and I am glad you understand that. In most countries, you could end up in prison for doing something like that. However, your boyfriend and family have probably not gone to that extent. What you will need to do is to talk to them or write them a letter (if they are not talking to you) and explain to them that you deeply regret doing any of this. However, you do need to take responsibility for your actions. Bipolar disorder does affect your decisions, but the consequences were much more damaging to others who trusted you. So the first thing to do is ask for their forgiveness. Also add in the letter or email that you will do everything to repay back and help them regain what they lost, as money, reputation, credit score, etc. Think deeply of how you can heal their hearts before wanting something back (like their trust in you, for example). The purest form of love is loving another without expecting anything from them. Since you have “taken” a lot from them, it is time to love them unconditionally. This will give you everlasting peace of mind and help you heal too. Do not allow your thoughts to linger in the past. I am happy to hear that you are taking the steps to control and heal this disorder. Helping others who are less fortunate than you will hasten the healing process. Also remember, learn from the past, but always look forward and think of the future. Your future is waiting for you to mold it with your thoughts. Strong, hopeful and joyful thoughts will create a wonderful life for you in the years ahead. Hope this helps lessen your pain and move you towards recovery and joy! Brightest Blessings Rose.

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