How can I remove a curse my grandmother put on our family?

My Grandmother Who past a way a few years ago, Cursed my Mom, and at that given time she was pregnant, and i was in her stomach. So She said this to my mom “I Curse You! To Never be Happy With Any guy! And I Curse your Child To never Have a Long Lasting relationship!” As Of Now, my Mom Got Separated From my Dad, Broke Up With her Ex-boyfriend like 6 months ago, and All Of my Relationships That I Have Last 4 Months. And Never Go Over that. So What Can I Do To Take This Curse Off? Please Help Me And My Mom.

Merry Meet Seeker, It is extremely unfortunate that your grandmother cursed you and your mother before she passed on. Since your mother and you know about it, you will not be able to forget it and that may also be the reason why these things are happening in your family. Either way, it is time to remove the hex that your grandmother put on your family. Cast OFF Evil spell Gather the following items that are needed for this spell: 4 candles Protection oil to dress the candles Uncrossing Oil If you do not have protection oil, make some at home by blending ground cinnamon, galangal root, dried peppermint leaves, dried rue, dried ground vervain and dried ground vetiver. Add this ground mixture to olive oil to make your powerful protection oil. To prepare your own uncrossing oil, mix essential oils of hyssop, angelica, frankincense with a pinch of sea salt, a pinch of black pepper, a pinch of cayenne pepper, a spring of rue, a sliver of fresh garlic and a section of a broken chain. Add these ingredients to a bottle of castor oil and jojoba oil. Now it is time to remove the curse that your grandmother may have put on you. Either way, your life is going to take a positive turn. Watch out for good things happening in your family. Take the four candles and the protection oil to a deserted cross-roads. Dress three of the candles with the protection oil and set them up in the shape of a triangle with the point farthest away from you (you will be standing near the lower base of the triangle. Light the candles and petition for any hex that has been put against your entire family be removed. Now dress the fourth candle with Uncrossing Oil. Holding the candle with both hands break it in half with force, visualizing your hex being broken into tiny pieces. Make sure that the candle is still connected together by the wick. Now set the broken candle back on its feet and put it in the midst of the triangle and light it. Chant thus three times: May the evil worked against me be broken and vanish Just as I have broken this candle and it’s smoke is vanishing So the evil worked against my family will disappear in defeat! This spell will keep you and your family safe from old curses if any. Brightest Blessings. Rose.

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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  1. rose says:

    It is me rose don’t worry if u ge a new boy that is nice sweet get good grades and is smart and LOVE YOU i will make him say forever if u don’t find one like that theres not a thing i can do but i can make the boy ur lokking for come to u don’t worry hes gonna come when ur really good to ur mom and treat everyone nice i got the nice boy for u but i’ll only ake him out my hand if u belive in god is better then me and he can do more to help u and u doo good like i said god can help u more talk to him by praying to him and doing goods

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