How can I remove a curse that my ex may have put on me?

hiya my dead friend was a black witch i need to know if he put a spell on me to stop me having children before he died as since he and i fell out before his death on the 19th march 2009 things were great but since then my husband and i are having big problems trying to have a baby please help me

Merry Meet Seeker, It is an amazingly wonderful time when you are trying to create a new life. Of course, the last thing you need to worry about is about your ex having something to do with the problems you have trying for a new baby. I will give you a spell with which you can remove any curse others may have put on you. After that, you should only focus on the new baby who is coming into your life. Do not worry about anything and dream of sweet, loving babies so that you both will be blessed with one soon. While we are in the process of accepting a spirit who is planning to come to the Earth and live with us in our home, we need to be courageous, loving and full of positive energy. Here is the spell to break the curse or hex that someone may have put on you. Flying Devil Spell Get the following dry items for the spell: a tablespoon each of Black pepper, Cinnamon, Dragon’s blood, Patchouli and Vetiver. Use them in similar quantities since all of them have powerful hex-breaking qualities. Grind all of these items finely and store in a glass bottle with a tight fitting lid. For seven consecutive days, take some of this powerful powder and burn them on charcoals. While the powerful ingredients do their magick, visualize all negativity being removed from you and your husband and see both glowing with positive energy. Also go to a beach when you get some time and let seven waves wash over you. The hex is broken. Brightest Blessings. Rose.

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  1. loraine says:

    Dear rose thank yoiu fir there when I felt there was noithing and no one,it was great being a part of something wonferful I came to you for help and I’m going to ask yiu this again, you rember that my step children came back to us well the oldest one past away on the 28th of december and now all this the reason why I’m coming to you for help is this the kast words we spoke was when he said that he is doing things to tear he’s. Dad and me apart and that he curses me never toi be happy again and he’s going toi make sure of that.well he meant it because now I am not even included in anything cocerning arrangements ands all that and to top it off I had a back operation so I’m asking yoiu this the. Ex wife or mother is gooing to be at the funeral carryingh the coffin that was the first person my husband said will be carryingnhe did not even think of me and didn’t include me in anything I heeped make him big his mother was no where and now this besides this I have ti always fight for what I want it and I’m exhausted I’m starting to meet people but sonmehow no one stays I know that there is a person that has bound me and spelled that’s why I don’t seem to have the strewnght toi fite anymore and that my husband is getting everything he wants I bought a black rose quarts crystal that I continuosly wear with a hematite healing bracelet somewhere I read it deflects is there a way that you could possibly remove this binding etc

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  3. orgone says:

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