How can I remove a hex that has been cast on me?

i belive a spell has been cast on me my husband of a 30 years left me and the only family i had was his family and now this other women has them as her family i have a handicapped daughter my ex husband was real close to her and now for about 3 years he havnt had any thing to do with her he married this other women and now he as another family and he want have any thing to do with us and i have a hard time moving on please help me

Merry Meet Seeker, I can understand how devastating it can be when we are the target of a hex or evil spell. Worry not, there are many ways by which you can reverse the spell and not only make the hex go away, but make the one who sent the hex pay for it too. This spell is called the coffin spell because you are going to put your hex in a coffin and return to sender :) Coffin Spell For this spell, you will need a small wooden box with a cover. Paint the box black inside and out. Surround the “coffin” with lighted small black candles and visualize all your worries lifted and your life going back to the happy ways of the past. Visualize the happiness of your child and yourself too. As the candles burn, visualize your hex, misfortune and sorrow burning away too. When all the candles are out, wrap the coffin in a black cloth, folding the cloth away from you. Also collect the wax remnants and bury the coffin and the wax remnants at a crossroads or a cemetery. This will enable the sender of the hex (if any) to get the exact results that were wished for you. If no one has put a hex on you, you will not be harmed in any way. As for you, learn to move on with your life and think happy thoughts while helping your dear child. You can help her in her life much more than a gallivanting or absent father can. Know that the Universe entrusted her to you and make the best life for her and for you that you can. Brightest Blessings. Rose.

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