How can I remove my obstacles?

Merry meet & merry part & blessed be unto you dear rose I dont normaly ask for anything for myself, the last 3yr my health as being on a downwood spirale and finaly when the Medican that I have been takeing-is beging to bring result-in England I don’t know if the same is in america-thay finally told me thay Would be issuing me with a new claim that would be reviewed agian-in 5yr to see that I was still elegelbel for my sick pay and (housing benifit that would get me out off-the damp and area were after 6pm at night you could end up being stabed, over the last few year’s it as though i have been cursed is that posible-with the extra money I was finally going to be able to erole, in your course iv been trying to set up a alter, dedicated to odin and carnt find any detail on abe site’s when I was younger it was easy to obtain book on Norse magic but if I could do a spell that would help me to remove what seem to like PERMENT obsticly’s in my life blessed be I hope you can help me out thank you

Merry Meet Seeker,
It is wonderful to hear from such a sweet person. I am sure you are going to get to you goal soon. Here is a site for Odin –
I am going to give you a spell to unblock all of the negative energy in you so that you can easily create the wonderful life that you wish for.
Citrus Unblocking Spell
This spell will enable you to retreive and hold your magick powers and open the roads for you so that you can live a wonderful life.
For this spell, you will need all types of citrus fruits such as Oranges, Lemons, Limes, GrapeFruit, Citron, Pomelo, Rangpur or any citrus fruit you can collect. The more sour the fruits are the better you spell will work. You may also need orange blossom water or hydrosol.
Step 1: Take each fruit and divide it into quarters.
Step 2: Squeeze the juice of the fruits into a large bowl.
Step 3: Prepare a warm bath.
Step 4: Pour the juice of the fruits into the tub.
Step 5: Now put in the rinds of all the fruits in as well.
Step 6: Now pour the orange blossom water into the tub too.
Step 7: Now, gently enter the bath and sit down in the water.
Step 8: Using the rinds, rub your body all over as long as you can.
Step 9: When you sit in the tub, visualise all of your blocks being cleaned away.
Step 10. Allow yourself to air-dry for some time.
Step 11: When you are ready, get out of the tub and take a shower.
Step 12: Repeat whenever you feel that you are out of sync with the Universe.
Brightest Blessings.

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