How can I restore my manhood?

What do I do, Someone cast a spell on me and my wife. When Iam with her I become completely impotent. We have not made love for the last six months. How do I break this terrible spell. I suspect my mother since she never liked my wife ever since we got married. We do have children, but the situation has gotten worse with the each new baby. My wife is really tormented. I am one of your students Iam hope to purchase your book to help me in other challenges of life. I feel your love from your interviews and answers you give on your website.please advice Thomas

Merry Meet Seeker,
Here is a spell that will help you and your wife. Remember that you have to be very faithful to your wife at all times. It is usually those who stray that have many issues with love and sex. Also do good deeds to have a balance of good karma. Do not give money or gifts to others thinking that you are getting good karma. Only the genuine and heart-felt deeds will get any rewards.
Here is the spell for you:
For this spell, you will need an egg, a lot of cod liver oil and a live, red ant hill.
Step 1: First fill a small bowl with cod liver oil.
Step 2: Place the egg in the cod liver oil.
Step 3: Heat some water in another pot.
Step 4: Drop the egg gently into the water.
Step 5: When the egg is hard-boiled, remove it and let it cool on a plate.
Step 6: Now throw away the contents of the pot, water as well as the oil, and toss it into a rapidly moving stream that is flowing away from home.
Step 7: Now find a red ant Hill
Step 8: Place the hardboiled egg on the anthill.
Step 9: When the ants eat the egg and its contents, your manhood will be restored forever.
Brightest Blessings

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