How can I reunited with my estranged son?

i need a quick miracle spell to bring me and my son allan back together and be a family again it has been 5 years he has not spoken tome he now has 4 children 2boys and 2 girls i have not been able to see them at all because my x-husband caused trouble for me if you could heplp me with this problem id be ever grateful

A spell for courage and wisdom could help your situation, but the best thing you can do is to approach your son and try to make things right.

You don’t say what your ex-husband did to make things bad between you and your son, but most things can be fixed by discussing them openly and hoenstly.  If your son believes the things your ex-husband said about you, talk with him about it.

Tell him openly that you would like to be a part of the lvies of your grandchildren. Ask him why he has not wanted to be in touch with you and what he would like for you to do to make things better. Sometimes, people are separated because they have a huge misunderstanding about things. Other times, you may have hurt your son in ways you don’t know about. Just asking him what you can do to be part of his life may be the way to start fixing things.

Often, people can have a different opinion on things but still get along. And, soemtimes people live through the same events, but see them completely differently. Ask Allan what you need to do to make things right and don’t expect to be a family again overnight. Chances are that whatever went wrong between the two of you didn’t happen overnight and it won’t get corrected overnight. Still, if he values family, I’m sure Allan will be willing to talk to you and that’s the best place to start.

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