How can I reverse Brujeria?

I know this girl tht use burjeria to get my man what can I do to revers the burjo

Merry meet Seeker,
Brujeria means witchcraft in Spanish. This witchcraft is practiced mostly in Argentina, a south American country. Brujos are groups of male witches or female witches who may use their powers to change or create experiences.
All types of witchcraft are more or less the same except that one can do beneficial witchcraft or detrimental (harmful) witchcraft. Most wise witches know that harmful witchcraft acts like a boomerang and hits us right where it hurts! As we wish good things for people we love and may have harmful thoughts about the people we don’t like, we are like these Brujos and we can change the lives of people or other living beings in the world. The happier and more successful you are, the better your spells will work
Our goal is to be a good witch. That is the only way to live our life. A good witch is a happy witch who gets more and more powerful as they do not have the negativity that bad witches have. A good witch can easily make any change in her (or his) life and so they can live happily ever after.
When it comes to Brujeria, like any witchcraft, you can learn to remove all of the negative experiences in life. Learn witchcraft and help others so that no one will be able to harm you. Here is a spell that you can work on to reverse the burjeria which may have been worked on you.
Wisteria Hex-breaker Spell
For this spell, you will need a dry wisteria seed pod. That’s it.
Step 1: Hold the seed pod in your hands and concentrate on your current problem. Also consider what results you wish to get from this spell. Remember that a good witch will never harm others (for it all comes back straight to YOU).
Step 2: Burn the seedpod. As the seed burns, the brujeria is broken.
Brightest Blessings

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