How can I reverse my curse?

Dear Rose Ariadne; Can a person cast an unintentional evil spell just by wanting it? I had a beautiful girlfriend for three years and she left me to marry another man. This left me very depressed and physically sick with grief. Two months after her marriage, she started having an extramarital affair with yet another man (whom I know). In my anger I said to her “May you never look beautiful again!”. In six months, she developed a large pot belly, a large behind, and she has physically aged 20 years in that period of time. I said those words out of my personal anger from losing her and I never intended any malice towards her. She looks physically terrible. Her extra-marital affairs have stopped because of her unattractiveness and her husband has since separated from her. Am I the true cause of her problems, can I send her good karma to reverse my evil spell so she can go on with her life, and will this bad karma I unintentionally wished on her return to me three-fold. I truly did not mean to cause her any physical decline with my impulsive words to her. Can I reverse the malicious words that I said to her so she can be happy with her life?

Merry Meet Seeker,
Isn’t it amazing how the world reacts to our thoughts and wishes? Many people don’t believe in witchcraft but truly it is a wonderful and sometimes dangerous way of life that the Universe has offered us,
As for the question whether you were responsible for your ex-girlfriend, only the Universe can answer that. However, since you seem to be a good person, you may already have had the “backlash” from it in your own life. There is no real way to know whether it was your curse that hurt your ex-girlfriend or if her own thoughts and feeling about your curse created this unfortunate future for her.
Anyway, it is not a good idea to meddle in other’s lives. Unless you are friends with this person again, there is no reaso to do any spells for her sake. You may get your karma soon or maybe you already have experienced it. Either way, it is not our decision.
One thing you can do is to visualize yourself being happy. Along with this image, you can set the intention to help others in your life somehow. Even if you see a stranger on the street for whom you can do something constructive, do so. Small karmas can add up and may give you an easier life over the years.
If you are harboring thoughts of talking to her again and possibly get a chance to speak with her, you can bring this up and apologize to her. Remember that many years have passed since you knew her and at this point, she may not even consider you as a friend.
You do have good intentions and they may somehow help you in the future so that you will not repeat something like this again..
Brightest Blessings

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