How can I rewind time?

How do you rewind time and fix the mistakes you’ve made in your life?

I don’t know many people who would turn down the chance to travel through time and change mistakes that they made earlier, but the reality is that simply cannot happen.

Lots of philosophers and writers have considered the possibility of time travel and what would happen if we went back in time to fix our mistakes. Almost every one of them has determined that trying to repair mistakes we make before we make them almost always makes them worse. There is no way we can fairly change the past based on the ramifications it had in our present or future.

Instead, the only choice we have is to learn from our mistakes and try to make amends for the things that we have done wrong in the past.

Mistakes and regrets, though sometimes hard to live with, can only truly be fixed by liviing better because of them.  If you made a mistake and hurt someone you love years ago, you cannot go back and change that. However, you can resolve not to make the same mistake again and to try to treat people better.

The only time our past truly harms us is when we fail to learn from it and repeat the same errors over and over again. If you have learned from your mistakes, no matter how terrible they might be, then your redemption is in the future, not the past.

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  1. advik says:

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    could you send me a spell to change the mind of the teachers in the school.

  2. mersades says:

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  3. mersades says:

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  4. Tom Beeson says:

    The question of time was good and the response good also however one thing was left out in the .answer . and that is the evolution of the universe , it is still evolving meaning that it is not finished developing yet. and because of this no two days are ever the same they are changing although in places here on earth, today may seem identical to yesterday however out in the depths of space a new planet is being formed or one is dying all in different places all at the same “time” it is the natural progression of constant change. because everything is moving forward nothing ever moves backward.and it is in this fact that we are prevented from moving time in reverse. we are all time travelers moving into the future never stopping never resting always moving . so if we were to even be capable of going into the past we would still be going forward thus creating two opposing directions ( forward and backward at the same time) creating an unknown paradox , at least ,so far as no one has ever been able to do it yet.

  5. Tom Beeson says:

    All things must change , age , decay, birth, all we do changes, constantly.we just don’t see it because we don’t pay attention. Nuff said.

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