How can I safeguard my little daughter?

Dear Rose I have soul and complete custody of my little daughter, because of this my ex, keeps trying to trick her and make her say things like your mom is a bitch, or you really do want to come live with me. I have had this little one since she was two days old, I adopted her. She is his biological granddaughter but his daughter did not want her and told us to do what you want with the little bitch and out the door she went, she signed off on her and has no rights, he lost custody of her because of his drugs and taking her to a registered sex offenders house. How can I bind his mouth to keep it shut so he can’t cause us any more pain. She is scared of him and she cries and cries when she comes from her visits with him. Please help me. I am on a limited budget so we don’t have alot but we do have love for each other that circles the world we just need him to leave us alone permanently. Thank you Mary

Merry meet Mary,
It is indeed troubling to hear about your little daughter and how she is being treated by you ex-husband. The first thing you need to do is to inform the authorities if you find your daughter is getting hurt while at your ex’s house. Do not allow her to be alone with him unless you have to do so. In most countries, there are laws against abuse of children and you can easily get the help of the authorities to take care of this little child.
Children who are abused in such a way may grow up with a lot of anger and sorrow. They may get into drugs and fall into depression, etc. So this is a good time to see that your little daughter grows up the right way. If you can, move to another city or country.
If nothing else works, please talk to your religious organization or a women’s shelter if they can take care of you and give you advice if necessary. Unless you are completely sure that your ex treats his grand-daughter with love and respect, do everything in your power to keep her with you at all times.
I am sure there are places where you can get counseling for free. Try all of the avenues where you can get help and do not give up. Your daughter is precious and she should not live with pain or fear. If nothing else works, see a lawyer who may work for you for free until you find a solution to your little girl’s happy future.
Brightest Blessings.

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