How can I see or talk to a dead person?

Rose, You have been sending me e-mails for awhile now. Recently my boyfriend killed himself and I am suffuring and missing him so much. Is there anyway I can talk and see him? I want so much to see him again! Just to say the things to him I should have said when he was alive. Please help me

My dear child, It is a very heartwrenching situation when someone so close to us departs so suddenly. It may help you to work on this spell so that your spirit can also find some peace. Sigil Spirit Summoning Spell Sigils are complex combinations of symbols that are sacred to you or to the person you wish to communicate with. I am sure you know the favorite things that your boyfriend cherished. The expression of your heart is the best form of communication. To perform this ritual, light candles and sit alone at a favorite spot. On paper or any other canvas, create the unique sigil for him. You may use inks, oil, sands, paints, colored water, dyes, etc to make your special portrait or collage that only your boyfriend will recognize. Allow yourself to be inspired and think deeply of your past experiences when you laughed together, ate together and danced together. Remember your favorite songs, places, countries, things to do, hobbies you shared and vacation spots where you shared your love. Dedicate the sigil to that spirit alone. Place the sigil on the altar and surround it with lighted candles. Close your eyes and visualize the spirit. When you feel his presence, talk to him. Ask him questions, answer his queries. When you are ready, say your goodbyes and encourage him to move on to the next phase in life. And remember to move on with your life. Brightest Blessings.

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  1. dey says:

    Hi, that’s so kind of u that u have been spending your valuable time with us. I m student.I feel that i m a boring person, no one talk with me with honor. I feel very lonely. I have nothing to do.

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