How can I see through my third eye?

how can i obtain my third eye

Merry Meet. Ancient Hindus believed that in addition to the two eyes with which we observe the visual world, there is also a third eye that can be used to observe the “unseen” world. Most of us know that to us an ant looks tiny, while to an ant, we look like huge monsters. So the way we see things lies in the eye of the beholder. So what is the true nature of things? How can we find out? The ancient sages claimed that the third eye rests between our eye brows. They called it the Ajna chakra, following the famous chakra diagrams of the body. The third eye is believed to the doorway to clairvoyance, visions and outer body experiences. Some believe that we can go into another realm of consciousness and move on to Nirvana (or enlightenment). Many of us who practice the art of Meditation daily know that as we close our two eyes and stay rested in teh same pose, our mind starts to focus on a point of light, somethere about the middle of our brow. As the light turns from purple to green to orange or gold, our mind becomes alert and focused. What bothered us a few moments ago now seem to be distant, so inconsequential. If we spend about 15 minutes in this state of deep meditation every day, we find ourselve calm, composed and collected for the rest of the day. It is almost as though we have found our center, our equilibrium. To find that third eye, all you need to do is to sit in meditation for at least 10 minutes. Do not lie down, you may fall asleep. The room where you sit should be comfortable and without any distraction of sound, light, etc. The first few minutes, focus on the carpet you are sitting on. Slowly close your eyes and try to let your thoughts go. As new thoughts come up, return your mind to the center of your eyes. Ignore everything that is bothering you, whether its an itch or a birdcall. Slowly, you will start to see a lighter section in the center of your vision. Focus on that small circle of light and keep trying to “reach into it”. As the light turns colours, you will see that your body is relaxed and you may even forget where you are. After some practice, you will know when this point occurs. At this point, you may ask any question you wish to get an answer to. Some unknown wisdom courses through you and you will feel like a charge going through you. At this point, you are aware that you are connected to a powerful source of energy that is soothing and energizing. Hope this helps. Blessed Be.

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