How can I stop having bad dreams?

Rose, Eversince I married 20 yrs ago I have been having usually bad dreams during my sleep , the worst thing is that all that I dreamt actually happens in real life such as meeting a stranger i have never met before but I told him I saw him in my dreams at this place same passerby same cup, same drink , clothes , everything, I have tried all methods everything to stop my dreams also tried stop it from happening, all failed .worship goddess 20 yrs ,Jesus 7.5 yrs, other religion too . People tell me this is destiny . My last resort , YOU , wonder if you can help me , what am I suppose to do to turn the situation around , now everythings gone , wife ,girlfriend , son , family , money , love , accomodation , friends ,no job promotion etc. you are my last resort and time running out too ,not that young anymore I must do something i cannot affort this to continuously ruin my life , pls HELP, my email ; have [email protected] . Thanks Jackson

Merry Meet, It must be awful seeing so many bad dreams and to have it affect your life this way. Many people have scary dreams which usually fade away after a few days. Here is a list of things you can do to get rid of or reduce these bad dreams. 1. Try to get yourself tired physically by doing a lot of physical work which requires mental attention (you cannot let your mind focus on the dreams during the day). If you don’t have a job that keeps your mind occupied, volunteer at a shelter (for humans or animals) where your mind will be filled with love and happiness at the fact that you are doing something really worthwhile. This may allow you to sleep soundly throughout the night. 2. On weekends, take up a hobby that will keep you energized during the day and tired during the night. As we all know, the more we focus on something, the more it shows up in our reality. So if you focus on the dreams, bingo! You will see them at night! In a way, you are inviting them. 3. Speak of your dreams to others. There is nothing wrong. However, if you have mentioned the dream once during the day, then you have to keep yourself from mentioning it again (even if its to another crowd). You can take the life out of the dream or give it a long shelf life. 4. Drugs and alcohol can agitate our body and mind. Keep them to a minimum and go for a detox if you are addicated to either. 5. Exercise vigorously daily so that your happy hormones kick in and help you sleep soundly 6. Eat healthy food all day. Stop all the junk food in your diet and eat fresh, unprocessed, low-salt, low-sugar, low-fat, no preservative food for EVERY MEAL. 7. Use bedroom only for sleep 8. Before going to bed, have a nice herbal bath and read a deeply spiritual book (any book that you can understand at a deep level will do. Then wear a garland of lemon verbena to keep the demons away. Hope this helps. Brightest Blessings. Rose.

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