How can I stop my friend from working in Black Magic?

Hello, im samantha and i have a couple of questions, i just figured out im a human (mortal) but part witch and my friend Jillian does BLACK MAGICK, theres one problem she doesnt want to do it. one day she got mad and sudenly did black magick! she was never the same now she wears black and i want my friend back what should i do? im just 11 and so is she but shes more experienced, i just figured out im a witch today! When i was at the store and we were just about to leave there was this black bottle with a white swirl on it i thought it was amazing! then we were purchasing the things my mother bought then i was thinking about it and saying stupid things like that bottleis pretty and i want it it will float to me and then i was also moving my fingers up and down then i walked over there and i turned around then something bumped into me i turned around and it was there! i grabbed it quickly and thought this could mean something! i bought it and now it sits on my shelf in my room. i also used to go outside when i was a kid and say these thing that was in a book called spells for little witches it was a scary book and i got it for bed time stories my mom just thought it was a book so she gave it to me! and i used to sing all of the lines and things would happen like once i said flowers are dead now come alive to my eyes and a flower came back to life1 please help me i dont know what to do. i dont know aything about witches or magick or witchcraft etc; all of this magick makes my brain hurt. tell me what to do! what types of magick are there whats the diffrences? what do witches do? where do i find spells for a witch? how do i stop black magick from turning my friend into nothing!? whats the diffrence between a witch and black magick and sorceryu and witchcraft? is witchcraft the same as witch? is witchcraft what witches do? what should my witch identity name be? my real name is Samantha Christine Politoski , so what should my which name be? HELP PLEASE WRITE BACK!!!! ~Samantha C. P.

Merry Meet Samantha. You come across as a smart, intelligent and caring person. And of course, it seems that you are a witch already. Actually, most children are wondeful witches because the world has not yet started to corrupt their minds. We are born with such goodness and magic in ourselves and we believe in so many wonderful things. However, as we grow up, the rest of the people around us tell us what to think and what not to think and pretty soon, we are really confused about people things and our own thoughts. So keep your original thoughts alive. Yes, you are a witch and you have powers even without knowing it. Learn about witchcraft and try to get some good books from old book stores or the internet when you are older. As for your friend, I don’t think that wearing black clothes make anyone a black witch. However, if she works on spells that may hurt others, she is a black-magic practitioner. Tell her that if we hurt others, we will get hurt three times as much. And that may hurt her big time depending on how much harm she has done to others. As a friend, speak to her and make her realize how dangerous it is to play with black/evil magic. Now let me answer your questions on Witchcraft, one by one: what types of magick are there whats the diffrences? There are many types of magick out there. Most religions also include a lot of magickal traditions such as rosary beads, wishing on candles, changing, prayers, visualization, petitions, etc. The most important difference in magick is whether it is benevolent (good) magick or malevolent (harmful magick). what do witches do? Witches use the power of their spirit to intentionally create their life. By preparing, planning and visualizing, we can raise enough energy to actually create what we wish for. where do i find spells for a witch? You can find many spells on the internet. Check out: How do i stop black magick from turning my friend into nothing!? You may talk with your friend or show her this link: What’s the difference between a witch and black magick and sorcery and witchcraft? is witchcraft the same as witch? is witchcraft what witches do? In ancient times, witchcraft was very popular since there weren’t any manmade and controlling religious around to scare or bother people. When religions began the wars for controlling the masses, many terms were used for people who still continued to use the old pagan ways of witchcraft. The religious zealots wanted all the people to give up their will power and to become slaves to religion. So they made words such as sorcery, maleficium, occult, etc. Although these are terms used for witchcraft, at certain times, these terms were used demeaningly. Witches work with their Universe given powers. This work is called witchcraft. What should my witch identity name be? After practicing witchcraft for a while, you will come upon your witch identity. No one else can tell you what it is. This is something that will pop up into your mind and you will know that it is yours forever. Brightest Blessings Samantha. Rose.

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