How can I stop my husband from divorcing me?

Dear Rose, my husband found my diary where I wrote about the boy who had loved me. However, I have no connections with that boy whatsoever. Now hewants to divorce me. But I love him very much and want him back. Please help me! Thank you so much. I really appreciate your assistance.

Merry Meet Seeker,
It is really unfortunate that your husband read the diary that you had wrote about your earlier life before you met him. There are many ways in which you can make him understand that this is all in the past and that you do not intend to revisit it.
Get him on a quiet evening and make him a nice dinner. After the dinner, when he is relaxing, tell him that you love no one but him and also explain that you have forgotten all about this boy who loved you in the past (if that is so). Make him understand that most of us are attracted to people before our marriage and that you have not been interested in anyone but him. Remind him that he may have been attracted to others before marriage too. Tell him that you have always loved writing and that you had a habit of writing down everything.
If you cannot find a way to talk to him, write him a nice, loving, romantic letter and put some rose perfume on it before handing it over (or mailing it). Make sure you tell him of your undying love to him and the fact that you will stay single and will be lonely if he leaves you.
If that doesn’t work, confide in a relative that he respects and tell her/him to help you make him understand the dilemma and how to solve it. You may also go to a professional counselor if you cannot solve this problem in any other way.
It is unfortunate that your husband doubts you and wants to divorce you but make sure he knows that you love him and him alone.
Here is a seduction spell for you:
Get a green cat candle. Carve your desires on to the candle using a dull knife and dress it with Come to me Lover oil. Sprinkle the candle with some catnip and damiana and burn while you visualize your husband back in your arms.
Brightest Blessings.

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