How can I stop someone from taking advantage of me?

How can I stop someone from taking advantage of me? Hi Rosie, I am Sherry-I have a few people in my life who take my kindness for weakness,the more I do,the more they want,they flirt with my husband,leave kids for days,”borrow” things. Also is there a spell I can do to see who took my heart necklace? Thank-you

Merry Meet Sherry. You seem like a very nice person who loves to help others. Indeed, there are people in this world who will take advantage of someone as generous as you are. However, with just a few precautions, you can minimize the amount of abuse that you will take in the future. Although we have been brought up to help others, sometimes it is a good idea to know the difference when others are asking us for help. When someone calls you up and asks you to take care of their kids, you have to think twice. First, think if you really have the time or energy to devote to more chidren. Taking care of our own children itself can be very draining and we may just be waiting to take some rest. So try to plan your days so that you can tell them you are busy (busy taking a break, that is! :) Get a caller-id on your telephone if you can. Unless you have the time to talk on the phone or to take care of someone else’s children, make it a habit to check the phone number. If you have an answering machine attached to the phone, you can always listen to the caller as s/he leaves a message and pick up only if you are inclined to do so. Here is a spell to help you find the person who took your necklace. Get a piece of red paper. Draw the figure of a dog on the paper. On the figure, write the dog’s name, say Ruff. Now murmer to this dog your goal and ask the dog to go fetch the person who took your necklace. Burn the paper using a fresh white candle. Let your intentions be spread all around the Universe. Chant “Ruff, fetch my necklace” three times. Visualize seeing your necklace show up in your home and imagine the happiness you feel when it is back in your hands! Hope this helps. Blessed Be.

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  1. Patricia says:

    I in love with a guy, we’ve been involve for five years on and off. We have some issues but we both love each other in our own way. I want hime to step up to the plate because he’s 43 never been married, and I’m 38 never been married. I want us to work things out and be together for along time. He’s a very helpful man but income is not high enough but it doesn’t matter when you both in love. I’m in school to futher my education also persuay him to futher his education. I need some advice because I’m very bossy, controlling, and spoil.

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