How can I take revenge on the one who hurt me?

someone i know has done something grevious that i cannot tell.i want to give him that much pain and agony i have suffered.please give me some assistance.Please help me Mrs rose aradine

Merry Meet. I can assure you that the person who hurt you is now going through a difficult time. In life, when we hurt someone, we get three times as much trouble in our life. It does matter if someone has hurt us, but if we take revenge on them, it will hurt us EVEN MORE. So what do we do when someone intentionally hurts us? Inform the authorities immediately. After that, we have to protect ourselves from any more hurt and forgive them. Yes, forgiveness is a way to make your own life better. Instead of forgiving, if you constantly think of what happened over and over again, you are making the hurt last longer than necessary. On top of that, if we plot to hurt that person, we invite negative energy into our lives. This negative energy draws out our body’s reserves and makes us tired, unhealthy and depressed. This is a terrible way to live, isn’t it? To move on in life, it is important to do a healing and protection spell for yourself so that nothing similar will EVER happen again in your life. Also, ignore this person for the rest of your life if you have to. Do not hurt them, do not even think of hurting them, but you don’t have to be nice to them either. :) Here is the healing spell that will keep you protected from evil people in the future. Red Brick Protection and Healing Spell Red, which is the color of blood is believed to protect and heal humans. Get a red or brown brick and using all your anger towards the person who hurt you, smash it to dust! As you repeatedly hit the brick, imagine all of the pent up anger being dissolved and moving away from you and a cloud of protection enveloping you. Gather the red dust and sprinkle it all around your home. Keep some in your room and also carry some of it in a small cloth bag for protection. Hope this spell helps you get rid of thoughts of revenge and replaces them with peaceful thoughts instead. Brightest Blessings. Rose.

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  1. Lorie says:

    Revenge how to send it 7 x7 x7. There are spells out there, but remember (1) This person didn’t care if they hurt you. There are no excuses for behaving in this manner, except that they are selfishly into themselves. (2) They are unworthy of you. Best revenge is to raise yourself so high above them….that they can never touch you touch you again.

  2. christine says:

    what if the person that hurt you so bad is having the time of there life,and is with someone new and says there happy and they have no cares or worry’s in world what they have to you,how they have hurt you by making promises to you and say even tho they left you alone broken and bruised and told you that no matter what happens they will never leave you or hurt you they will be by your side no matter.what if they never feel they pain your going is that fair.why do they get to have everything and be happy and you get nothing,but hurt and alone,fight just to stay alive.i dont think that is fair why can t karma happen to them there the ones that left you broken and hurt,why do they get to be happy.when do the ones who always get hurt and left be hide when do they get to happy when do they get to get what they want,have money someone to love.why does the good always surfer and they bad always dont.when is our turn.

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