How can I talk to spirits?

Hi Rose! ok I have been reading about you for a couple of hours now and I read about talking to spirts. I would really love to speack to my grandpa who passed away. If you could tell me a way to connect to the spirit world through my mind to hear him I would be totally greatful. P.S. I am 12 year old fan who has been interested in witchcraft and talking to spirits ever since I was 3 and talk to my great grandpa who passed away before I was even born. So thanks again for your help. -Blessings from your 12 year old fan Samantha

Merry Meet Samantha,
Its really nice to hear from you! I am glad that you are interested in witchcraft and that you wish to speak to your grandpa. You sound like a very smart and intuitive student of witchcraft and you may be the perfect person to practice witchcraft when you are an adult. You see, although witchcraft is a true and accepted religion, it is important that your parents understand why you want to be a witch. So it is a good idea to wait until you are 16 or 18 and then speak to your parents about this.
You grandpa on the other hand, is probably very happy just knowing that you are a happy child with so many activities to keep you busy. He is always around you whenever you think of him. So just as you talk your great grandpa, you can also talk to your grandpa. After some time, you will be able to let him go so that he can take care of his own “travel plans”.
Each of us are here on Earth to go through certain pre-destined “experiences”. When they are over, we are ready to move on to the next set of experiences. While on Earth, we do have ways to change the experiences through our will power. So we are always ready for the next challenge. Yorur grandpa is probably getting ready for his next big adventure!
My advice for you would be to enjoy life as a child and read as much as you can about Wicca and its practice. When you are officially an adult and have moved away from home, you are free to choose any religion. Then you may practice Witchcraft is you are so inclined.
Most of us can easily use our mind to create our future. That is the main idea behind Witchcraft. You can practice that any time and make your life full of joy and adventure!
Brightest Blessings!

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