How can I tell the differene between black and white magic?

hello! i am a beginner at witchcraft and i want to know how can you know if a spell is from white or black magic (where are the differences?) … does it take long for a beginner to make his first spell correctly? is invisibility dangarous? thanks for the answer bye

The difference between black and white magic is both subtle and extreme, though that sounds a bit contradictory.

It is subtle in that any magic with malevolent intent is what we consider black magic. So, even if you were casting a love spell on someone, if your intention was for bad things to happen because of it, it would be black magic.

That is the subtle difference between black and white magic. 

The more extreme difference is in the practice of black and white magic. Often, black magic requires a sacrifice that white magic does not. For example, any magic requiring animal sacrifice would be considered black magic.  That is the more extreme difference between white and black magic; white magic requires sacrifice of self, kind of like giving up something for Lent.  Black magic often requires the sacrifice of blood.

Creating your own spell correctly usually does not take that long. The key is your training, which takes a year and a day. once your training is complete, you should be ready to go forward with creating your own spells.

Invisibility is very dangerous and has no positive outcomes that I can come up with. I have never heard of anyone who was wanting to do good things needing to be invisible to do them. Instead, people who want to be invisible usually are intending to do something untoward with it, even if it is jst spying on someone else, it is infringing on their rights and therefore wrong.


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