How can I turn the time back?

Hi Rose, I have been having a very hard year and I have been spending most of my time recently thinking about how I could be so much happier if I could just turn the time back a year and a half to June 2nd of 2010. Originally, I wished to turn the time back to an earlier time (to year 2003), when I was young and really happy, but with time continuing to move forward so quickly and my wishes of time being turned back not coming true, I have decided that if I reduced the number of years to turn back, I might be able to increase the chance of my wishes becoming true. Almost everyday, I have trouble getting out of bed, because I feel like if I wish the time to be turned back and fall asleep, somehow I might be able to wake up in that time, in 2010. But I still seem to be stuck in 2011. When I am awake, I search online for ways to turn the time back – wish sites, witch craft, genies, whatever I can think of and come across. Most of the website postings I have come across that gave me specific instructions to make my wishes come true (for example, I tried a website called, but my wishes did not come true) did not make my wishes come true. Other sites, which comprise most of the posts that I encounter when I search the web, tell me that turning the time back is simply an impossibility and I need to move forward. While it is momentarily possible for me to tell myself “I need to just learn from my mistakes and move forward,” whenever another day comes around, I still find myself not wanting to get out of bed, but rather wishing that if I sleep longer and wake up later, the date would be June 2nd, 2010. It is so difficult for me to move forward in life and I really badly wish that I could turn the time back. Some posts I came across say that it might not be worth losing the precious moments that I was able to create despite the failures and mistakes that I have made during the past two years, but I think I will be able to make so much more of those happy memories and make myself, as well as many people around me, happier, if only I could go back in time to June 2nd, 2010. Of course, I also wish that I would be able to at least remember that I need to work harder, cherish and value the opportunities given to me, don’t take things for granted, always be cautious and know my limits, and listen to other people’s advice, especially those who have experience and greater wisdom. But I don’t wish to remember anything like the winning lottery numbers or anything. Those kinds of things are not what I want. I want to earn my happiness and I just think I am having a hard time actually trying to make that happen from this point in time. Being able to turn the time back to June 2nd, 2010 would mean so much to me and I am not sure how much longer I can go on in life just wishing everyday that if I slept longer and woke up later, that I would find myself in the past. I found your site when I searched online for how to rewind time. I read your response to someone else’s request regarding how to rewind time and your response was something along the lines of we should learn from our mistakes and move forward, because it is either impossible to go back and change what has happened in the past or even if we do change the past, most philosophers and writers consider that such behavior would only cause things to be worse. Rationally, I totally understand your response and hope I could truly convince myself of that. But I know that deep inside, I really desire to go back to June 2nd, 2010, and change the way I behaved and change my decisions to arrive at better and happier outcomes. I feel like it is possible and I want to believe in the possibility. Rose, you mention on your website that you have been practicing for over 27 years and have many colleagues that have been practicing just as long as you have, if not longer. I don’t have your experience and I don’t have access to others that have the experience, like you do. Please be kind and help me find a way to turn the time back. I really want to believe in the possibility and my belief of that possibility is the only thing encouraging me to continue living. Please share the wealth of knowledge and experience that you and your colleagues have with me and let me know how I could make my wish come true. I would greatly appreciate your answer. Thank you Rose.

Merry Meet Seeker,
I can see that you are very sad about something that occured after June 2nd 2010. However, as you wish, if the time was turned back to this date, don’t you think that all events will remain the same beyond that? No one can change our past. The past is where we were. The present is where we are.
So we need to focus on what we have to do so that we get similar experiences (which made you so happy on June 2nd) again. However, people change, move on and others take their place. Not wanting to grow up is not the way to make ourselves happy. Instead, growing through all of our challenges and becoming a proud, happy and self-sufficient person is what everyone needs to be.
All your wishes will come true if you focus on the FUTURE and not on the past. The past is OVER: it is like water that has passed under the bridge. Nothing can bring it back. Actually, time itself is a myth. Many people believe that we make our plans before we come to Earth and then move along using our will power.
Unknown to you, there may be many spirits guiding you as you probably chose this difficult time of life before you were born. Only if you move on will you be able to understand why your past has been so hurtful. Many many fantastic years are AHEAD of you, but only if you are ready to accept and experience them. Go forth and enjoy life! Please see a doctor and make sure that you do not have any issues such as clinical depression.
Brightest Blessings

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