How can I unblock my magickal powers?

as a child i experiance many things(ghost,premonition,and had many memomories of a past life)i kept it to my self as i grew older a notice others didn’t hear or see as i did.when i was about 9 things change my parents started to notice,recalling a conversation she had years ago with my grandmother.about her own mother took me to a witch a sort of block placed on seem to work on me for some time,but as time went on little things would leak that i’am older i can better understand and would like to be unblocked.can you help me?

Merry Meet Seeker, It is unfortunate that your mother placed a block on your magickal powers. At that time, she probably thought that this solution was in your best interest. One of the ways by which you can unblock is by wearing a charm bracelet in honor of Goddess Hecate. Hecate loves keys, brooms, torches, cauldrons, dragons and dogs. Your goal is to find or make such items as charms so that you can create a beautiful charm bracelet to honor the deity who loves honey and garlic too. If you cannot find any of these charms, try painting them on small coins and adding those coins to a charm bracelet.This is certainly a spell in progress. As you locate, create or buy each charm that is special to Goddess Hecate, consecrate it to Hecate ane petition her to unblock all your roads. If you have one charm, wear it as a bracelet and as you collect more of them, you may wear them as a bracelet or put them all in a small silk of satin charm bag to be carried in person at all times. You may also host a supper in her honor to get her blessings. The dishes should include fish, honey and garlic in some form or another. It is best to take the hot dishes to a crossroads, petition her to accept your offerings and leave the food at the crossroads and walk back home without looking back. Hecate will break your block through the use of her sacred emblems. Brightest Blessings. Rose.

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