How can I warn my boyfriend about black magic?

my boyfriend has become really interested in black magic, his last girlfriend fed his interest and got him deeper into satanic rituals etc,as far as i know though he has never tryed anything,after they broke up he went through a massive depression (they were together 2 year and she cheated on him) i can understand why it hit him so hard, its over a year later and i been with him over 9 months now, he has suddenly become obbsesed with getting black magic spell books and trying to learn spells etc, i have never gont into that side and i hear it can be risky, i am scared he will do something stupid because he hasnt got a guidence with his interest, is their any way i can protect him or anything i can explain to him to let him know any possible dangers? please give me some guidence (btw i know little about magic only healing so i am new to this)thank you

Merry Meet Seeker, You are absolutely correct about the devastating effects of black magic. It is never a good idea to ask for trouble. Regardless of who taught him black magic, your boyfriend is in grave danger if he persists on working on black magick spells. You need to be the adult here and tell him gently that he is making a big mistake. Many relationships have been destroyed because of black magic practices. Try to talk to him and see why he wants to learn more about this dangerous practice. Ask him to remember the difficult time he had with depression and tell him that if he insists on working with black magic, he will have a similar or worse experience. Believe me, if he is trying to avenge the mistake his ex-girlfriend made earlier, he is going to get hurt even worse. See if any older relative of yours can talk to him and make him see the rationale behind his crazy plans and why it would never work. If nothing that you do makes a difference to him, it may be time to leave him for your own good. Make sure that you get away from him without provoking his anger. Anytime you see people dabbling in black magic, leave their company because sooner or later, they will try it against you. Brightest Blessings. Rose.

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