How can my family be happy?

okay. I’m twelve years old, turning thirteen on august 16th. I’ve been googling magick for ages and I finally found your website. I read through the page and was so eager to try out your program but then found out how much it costs. I was wondering if there was a free way to learn the delicate techniques to magick because, being a twelve year old, i cant get a job, credit card, or allowance. I was just hoping that you would find a way to help me to at least give me a starter spell and tell me how to connect with magick energies. My family is going through a rough time and my mom just lost her job. My sisters having friend problems and my dad is never home anymore because he’s always at work but getting laid off too. I need to find a way to make this better because i have tried magick for 2 years now on free websites and have never found a spell to be successful. This is the time I have been researching for. Even though i have been searching this for a while, i really need the help. Is there any possible way you can help me? If you can’t i completely understand and appreciate the time you took to read my message. It would mean the world to me if you would reply. thank you so much for dedicating your life to this study and for helping the many others by sharing your epic skills! You truly are amazing!

Merry Meet. It must be really difficult for you in these troubling times. I can see why you are so worried about your future and that of your family. There are several spells you can do to bring peace to your family. Most of the spells may sound very silly or simple, but they are effective only if you sincerely believe in them and do them with patience and a grateful attitude. First of all, do not worry constantly about what does not work in your family. Think of how fortunate you are. You have a mother and a father and sisters. A lot of people are alone and afraid and lonely. However, your house must be full of people who love you, support you and who will help you with any problem you have. So thank the Universe for each of these blessings everyday. The more positive you are, the better things in your life will be. Let me give you a simple spell to do so that your entire family will be happy and at peace. Get a large piece of paper and a pen. Draw as well as you can (stick figures are okay). Write each individual name below their figure. Light a candle and some incense if you have it around the house. Talk to each person and see them happy and prosperous. For each person, repeat your good wishes for them and what having them in your life means. When you have completed writing about each of them, fold the paper in half. Fold again in half and holding the paper in your hands, chant: Money, come to us Prosperity come to us Joy come to us So it shall be. Place the folded paper under your pillow for nine nights. Then, safely light it and allow it to go and do its work. You will notice a lot of changes in your life soon. Brightest Blessings. Rose.

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