How can we become witches or wizards?

Hi I’m TiAra and I’m FaiTh we really want this question answered and we want the Answer to be very true we are 12 years old and we want to be wizards (or witches) whatevers easier but we want to be Wizards. Okay we NEED a spell to become a wizard or a ritual or something to turn us into a wizard ANYTHING! we want to be diffrent. Diffrent then everyone else!!!! Me (TiAra) and FaiTh are sisters and want are question answered badley. Thanks, TiAra and FaiTh Kocur. ps. PLEASE REPLY!!! TO [email protected]

Merry Meet TiAra and FaiTh, It is wonderful to meet you both and know that you are sisters who wish to become Witches. I am not sure what you have read of witches, but there is no such thing as a spell to become one. All human beings can become expert at Witchcraft by regular practice of meditation, spell casting and visualization. Initially, it may seem like hard work, but the amount of patience, knowledge and power you get by learing and practicing witchcraft is comparable to none! Since you are only 12 years old, you have lots of time to learn about this beautiful way of life. Although there are many distractors and people who are ignorant about the practices and its merits, Witchcraft is now a religion called Wicca. When you are an adult, you can actually decide to practice Wicca for the rest of your life. I am not sure why you wish to be different than anyone else, but all you need to understand is that all of us are unique in some ways and similar in others. There is no way we can be any different from any other person in the Universe because all of us are actually powered by the same energy of the Universe. It will be good to be patient and for now, read all the books about Wicca and Witchcraft. Do not focus on the negative spells and rituals that may hurt others. As we know, the Universe comprises of all pervading energy, both positive and negative. If Witchcraft is used for beneficial matters, we reap the benefits of goodwill. However, if we use witchcraft to hurt others, we will get hurt too. Always remember that when you start practicing Witchcraft. Brightest Blessings. Rose.

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