How can we become young Witches to cast spells: Good and Bad?


Merry Meet, young Seekers!

Mmmm … I am happy that you want to do good spells, because good spells mean that you want to make the world a better place. Witches call these types of spells “White Magick”. I am a bit worried about the bad spells though. When you do bad spells, it causes sadness and suffering. These types of spells are called “Black Magick” and Grey Magick”.

Did you know that real Witches only do good spells? And do you know why?

Let me explain. We have a special Golden Rule, which says that Witches may not hurt anyone (people, animals, birds, fish, insects, spiders etc.) or anything (plants, stones, water, air etc.) – ever. So, when we do spells, we make doubly and triply sure that we stick to this rule.

You see, when a good spell is cast, the “good” boomerangs back to the Witch causing him or her to receive ‘good luck’. But, when a bad spell is cast, the “bad” boomerangs back to the Witch causing him or her to receive ‘bad luck’.

Although casting spells looks like a glamorous pursuit, it actually is not. I understand that you may have thought it an easy way to sort out the playground bully, to get rid of the nasty teacher or to get back at the spiteful girl in Grammar class. I suppose all of us have felt that way at some time or another. The truth is that real Witches are not allowed to do these types of spells at all.

Now the question I have for you is: Do you still want to be a Witch, even though there are rules around how you should behave and act towards others, and in spite of the rules around which spells you are allowed and not allowed to cast?

Perhaps, young Seekers, you need to go and think about this for a while and decide for yourself whether you are still interested in becoming Witches or not. If your decision is: “Yes, we still want to!” you are more than welcome to contact me again J.

In Love and Light!

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

21 Responses to “How can we become young Witches to cast spells: Good and Bad?”

  1. Steven Allen Boliver says:

    yes i still want to know more, but my grandmother does not beleave in magic and i do. I want a way to show her that magic is real, but i dont want to hurt her in anyway. I just want her to beleave in magic.

  2. Amber says:

    I am a beginning witch and I would love to know more about the entire thing.

  3. shadow says:


  4. aradia wirtz says:

    ive been a witch for a couple of months and im twelve. with the right patience and surroundings it wont go wrong. you just have to believe in yourself and be calm. if you do choose to be a witch like me then i will give you a tip. always have a moonstone pendulum with you which is a stone that is carved so you can carry it around with you. i got mine with a chain so i can wear it all the time. moonstone is a stone meant to be calming and it works really well!

  5. Kaite says:

    I am 13 but is that too young? I believe in magic even though it seems I do not I truly do! I need to know a few things but importantly, are you witches aloud to tell people that you are? If so why will they think your crazy? I don’t get it,.

  6. Kaite says:

    Ooops sorry I ment to say i’m 12 my bad I’m truly sorry.

  7. Daniel says:

    Ok. I believe in magic completely. I believe in a whole other world beyond ours. I believe in all the different magical beings such as leprechauns, fairies, nimphs, trolls..etc. I most certainly believe in witchcraft. Sometimes i feel like i can change reality. I get these weird vibes sometimes that i might have powers which i cannot learn to use. At times, i want something to happen and it does. Like i look at something and say in my mind that i want it to change and it does. Mainly though the powers i feel i have only happen with unnoticeable things to the eye. Meaning like i think my powers only work if i want a traffic light to change. I am waiting at a traffic light and i point at it. At that moment, it changes to green. Or if we r in traffic and i point at the cars infront of me, they move forward at that moment. Can u tell me what this means.

  8. Jasmine vila says:

    I recently discovered my aunts were users of black magic and i want so badly to do white and good magic but i dont know how or what to start with

  9. megan says:

    Hello rose,I realy want to be a good witch and ever since i was born ive been intrested in things like this and now im comming up to my 14th birthday i feel like im ready to use magick and spells potions ect.The thing is i dont have any powers so i would like to know how to get started.Thankyou,write back.megan

  10. Camelia Bernard says:

    Hello Rose..Can i be a witch too?I believe in magic..Since i was a kid i’ve been intested being a witch..Can i learn magic?I mean a good magic.I want to help people.I hope you can teach me.And thanxx..

  11. Camelia Bernard says:

    And by the way im 14 years old this year..

  12. Lisa says:

    i want to be a fairy do you know how to?

  13. Candi says:

    Hello to the young witches in here. I’m so happy to hear the young people are so ‘into’ the world of spells and magick. Spells have a nasty habit of coming back to haunt (good or bad). If, for example, you are doing a spell for good health but you don’t truly believe in what your doing it can make you or the one the spell is for really sick! You must trust your spirit and the mother goddess to guide your spell in the right direction. So be careful young witches, and let the mother goddess watch over you.

  14. josiah says:

    hey im josiah and i wanna be a witch i believe 1oo percent in magik and will want to use watever i kno for good i belive i am responsible enough to handle everything ive got book adnw ebsite studyin so plz tell em wht i need to do become a teen witch

  15. margo says:

    I am thirty one years old,I know nothing about grandma aunt and sister practiced white magic,one aunt practiced black magic.I havd had an uncld that told me I was the chosen one.I also have had anonamyse letters sent to me through the mail telling me i had a special gift and they wanted me to join thier organization.I have always felt deeply that g have a special gift of some kind.Please help.What should I do?

  16. zaynah khadaroo says:

    hola… 12 and i beleive completely in magic .ive been doing research on that since very long on the internet.i have also search for hogwarts . my frend and i are interested in magick.would u plzzz help us….

  17. zaynah khadaroo says:

    yeah no hogwarts at all .rose plz tell me wat to do.would u teach us on line plz cause im being impatient.anyway i want to do good magic only not balck magic .i really hate this and im a bit scared too of black magic.

  18. Terry says:

    I am 9 years old and wnt 2 be a magik person bcause i hurd it waz relly kwl. plz help

  19. elias says:

    can you give me a wishing spell that works in one day?

  20. jeff says:

    I now how to do spells i am telling you one lol time stand til i am thogh with it

  21. danielle says:

    terry you are too nieve and if you are only doing this because it is “kewl” then you are not understanding the concept sorry kid i belive you are never too young to become a wiccan but you have to at least understand.

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