How can we learn Telekinesis and Teleportation?

Hi Rose, thank you for all, your website is great and very useful. Im just been thinking and got a few questions. – is teleportation possible and how to learn it? – where can I learn telekinesis for free as Im low with money. – My sister is a Witch too and have visions from near future, but that happens rarely, how can she make it work and control it? Blessings, Nicola

Merry Meet Nicola, I am very happy to hear that you and your sister are interested in witchcraft. Teleportation is the term used when things or people are transported from one place another either by using their own energy or other sources of energy. Telekinesis happens when we try to move something from one place to another using the power of our mind. Both of there are really possible; however, mankind has spent very little time and effort to understand and use these forms of energy. Most people on Earth are busy fighting wars, creating more wars and finding ways to feel good by buying a lot of things. The major religions add to this futile existence by declaring that humans don’t have any powers at all. We are supposed to just sit and watch as some other unseen power controls us like puppets. If we were free to think and free to act on our ideas, this world would be a magickal place indeed! A few bright people had the good fortune to dream and they came up with automobiles, airplanes, computers, etc that amazed mankind. Maybe one day someone gifted will create the first real transporter which humans and other entities may use to travel instantly at spirit speeds. Currently, we can use our mind to travel quickly and also use our psychic powers to actually see what is happening long distance. There are rumours that the US government used people to see the locations where prisoners of war were hidden, etc. We have so many untapped powers on Earth and this planet would have been so much more advanced had it not been for the ill effects of religion and rivalry among human beings that pulled us back to ignorance decade after decade. One day these advances may be possible, but for now, it seems only like a dream. As for your sister, Nicola, she just needs to learn meditation and yoga to stregthen her psychic abilities and concentration. Then she will be able to control her visions and use them to help others and even use it as a vocation. Brightest Blessings. Rose.

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