How could my husband cause us so much pain?

Me and my husband got married four months ago we have a 2year old son together.he now suddenly says he doesn’t love me anymore and that I’m to emotionally draining and his tired of fighting making as if I’m the cause of the didn’t take him long to move on he now has a new girlfriend and she knows that his married he now puts her needs infront of mine and our son’s.I don’t understand any of this we always worked thing out what’s happening to me my life a child feels my pain because I’m still breast feeding him he acts out and throws tantrums and me and his dad had a physical fight infront of him and he tried stopping it I think his now scared.I know I shouldn’t have done that infront of my son but I was filled with rage.he now plays out that day in his mind and then speaks about it.I really love my husband I met him when I was 11years ols I’m now 24.I need him he needs us his friends are bad influences amd we always end up arguing about them they always get him into trouble with me.I know they don’t like the fact that we together its like they jealous that he created a life on his own and they not included.his now drinking to and parties every weekend.he takes our son on a weekend basis but ends up leaving him with my mom in law.I’m going mad,I can’t sleep,I think of suicide but my child always comes to mind and that stops me right now I feel as though I just wake up for my son if it weren’t for him I’d be dead already.I cry everyday I can’t sleep I’m moody,depressed and always taking my anger out on my son which is son sleeps and I get up early to go to work but he won’t let me out of his sight he’ll sit in the bathroom just to be near me when I’m getting reay for could my husband cause us both so much pain.HELP

Merry Meet Seeier,
It is so unfortunate that your husband is behaving this way. Regardless of how a person behaves, we have to take care of the people who are dear to you. You say that because of his anger and rotten behaviour, you are hurting your children. That is a no-no. Every parent should put their children first. A good mother will try her best to keep the children away from all this negativity. It is our duty to take care of our children regardless of what the world throws at us. If your husband is not doing his job, at least you should be the one raising the children in the right way.
Your husband seems to be a very callous and insensitive person who has no problem leaving the children to suffer. Blaming him is not going to help you. What you need to do is to forget the fact that you knew each other in childhood, etc. Now that the childhood is over, it is time to decide which one of you is the real parent. Your first and last priority should be to your children since your husband is not helping at all. His Karma will soon catch up with him.
However, you have the option of fighting with him or asking for help from the family, church, government etc so that you can raise your children the correct way. Since your husband doesn’t seem to know anything about responsiblity, love, patience or parenting for that matter, You have to step up and become the mother and father. At first it may sound daunting, but this is the best way to raise children if the one parent does not care about the family.
These children need attention now and you have to teach them to love, joy, thankfulness, responsiblity, etc. Your husband may have gone the wrong way; Make sure that you and your children only follow the correct path in life.
Brightest Blessings

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