How do I annoint my candles for spells?

I am new to this whole thing of witchcraft. I have question. How are we supposed to anoint our candles? I am wondering where I can get this stuff. I live in Milwaukee. Can you help me? thanks Erin

Hi Erin-

You can get into anointing your candles with specific oils for specific purposes. I highly recommend Scott Cunningham’s “A guide for the solitary practitioner.” The book has been out long enough that you should be able to find it in a used book store and I know it’s on

Although anointing candles is not absolutely necessary for creating magick, it does help with concentration and intent. The book will answer most of a beginner’s questions and has a list of tools you might wish to procure.

In the meantime, anointing the candle simply means to take your index finger and smooth a little oil down the sides of the candle as part of the beginning ritual or drop a drop in the top. (Be sure you don’t get it on the wick or the candle will be hard to light.)

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