How do I become a psychic?

what do i have tot do to become a psychic that can read minds and have mind powers to help people i have been trying very hard it has been months and i have been reading books and they seem to talk about the human mind but they don’t tell me what i am suppose to do or expect on the beggining oh yeah and i have also been intrested in witchcraft and i want to learn more

Merry Meet Seeker, There are many ways to become a psychic. Some people are born with keen psychic powers. Others may have a life-altering event that shocks them into being more aware of unseen energies. Yet others earnestly work very hard and become excellent psychics who are in big demand to solve crimes, etc. To be a good psychic you need to have a keen sense of observation as well as an ability to be empathetic. Unconditional love to all beings in the world is a must if you wish to communicate with all beings to get the information that will help someone else. If you are interested in witchcraft, there are many ways to learn all about it. There are plenty of books online (Google witchcraft) and yahoogroups that deal with witchcraft (go to and search for open groups that discuss witchcraft). Also if you go to the site , you can search for Witchcraft groups in your town or neighborhood. Meetups are also a great way to meet fellow Wiccans. Go to and search your specific area. Here is a spell to make you more psychic. Mojo Hand Spell For this spell, gather the following: a pinch of the following dried herbs – mugwort, wormwood, desert sage, southernwood, tarragon 1 moonstone 1 chalcedony crystal one piece of silver (coin, charm or pendant) Miniature Moon tarot card (optional) Tuberose essential oil 1 charm bag Place all of the above items in your charm bag and carry it with you at all times for magickal protection on your psychic journeys. Brightest Blessings. Rose.

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