How do I become a Satanist?

i weant to become a satanist so how do i get in to in and how do i make a formal committment to satan and what ritual must bee said at that time help me to see a talk to lucifer my god please do help me 

This site can’t really answer your questions about what you need to do to become a Satanist. Hopefully, you know that Satanism and Wicca and Paganism are all very different things.

Most Wiccans and Pagans would not know what you need to do to become a satanist. That’s kind of like going to a Catholic priest and asking him how to become a Southern Baptist. If you are truly interested in following Satan, then you should be asking the Church of Satan.

Like most national religious organizations, the church has a website and you can do your research at their website.  The main website for the Church of Satan is

I would suggest that if you are interested in their religion, you begin by researching the rituals and beliefs of the church. The one thing that I can safely say about Satanism is that it, like Wicca and Pagans, has been depicted by movies and television in ways that have nothing to do with the reality of the religion.

Do not assume that what you have seen in movies or on television has anything to do with the real practice of Satanism. Instead, read about Anton LeVey and the church he founded and where it stands now. Someone within the church will probably be more than willing to answer your questions if you are asking out of real interest.

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  1. david says:

    i recently becgan serving satin but i want to know were do i go to make it official thax

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