How do I become a witch?

Blessed Be, My name is Breanna. Now, I have been drawn to wicca/witchcraft/paganism since I was young. In a “subliminal” way you could say. Such as, when I was a child there was this huge tree/shrub. It was 24 ft tall or so. When I would visit it I felt a presence among me. I called the bush Mother Nature. All around it would be amazing creatures, bugs, etc.. I had this “drawn” feeling towards elements, mother nature, and the earth. Now I am 16. I still feel that way. I guess you could say I am a ‘feminist’ I feel that the highest of all possible spirits is a woman, or at least a…umm…how do I say this?? Hold on, I feel that a spirit in the FORM of a woman is the highest/most powerful. I feel that women are the strongest beings. But I believe to that without men, us women are not complete. How do I begin being a witch? What do I do? I study it in a way, but only through internet. I can not afford books. I have a list of over 130 books that I want to buy, and many are about wicca. I feel that I believe in all spirits of pagan religions or things like that. Such as the Hindu goddess Shakti, goddess Aphrodite, goddes Diana, etc..and Cerrunos, Hecate, Horned God, etc.. I am just confused on everything right now. How do I BE a witch? Is there a wrong way? Please help me! Please!!!!

Merry meet Breanna, It is wonderful to hear from a spiritually empowered person like you. Of course I can see that you were in tune with the spirits of nature even as a child. What a wonderful way to live! There are so many people in this world who have not felt (been aware of) the power of nature. The destruction of rain forests, the mass killings of cows and fowl due to man made diseases and the rampant destruction of wetlands and forests in which millions of animals, insects and other living things are destroyed are all examples of human ignorance. However, people like you are a breath of fresh air, which is so heartening to see now-a-days. Of course, your analysis of Godesses is absolutely valid. However, women are complete without men. Men are complete without women. Every human being is a complete spirit. We need nothing from others. You are very correct when you say that the first step to being a witch is to study and read all about Wicca and other forms of witchcraft. You can find books in a local library. Or find them cheap at a used book store. You may also be able to meet other Wiccans and borrow books from them. Visit the site You may be able to find others in your town who are interested in Wicca. They may also be able to help you find information on Wicca. You may be able to join a coven and share books with them. Also keep an eye out for spiritual seminars in your neighborhood. Similar get-togethers are common in many parts of the world. Also go to There are 350 Wicca groups on that site which can help you meet other Wiccan practitioners in your area. Also check out yahoogroups and search forWicca. These groups send regular emails with information on practicing Wicca. As you are already very much aware of Wicca and its power on our lives, you will be very succesful in all your endeavors. Brightest Blessings. Rose.

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