How Do I Become A Witch?

how do i become a whitch

Choosing to follow the Wiccan path is really as simple as deciding to do it and then studying the tenets. Most practitioners of the faith start out solo and then later more to join a coven after they have become more familiar with the rites and the faith. The best way to start is by going online or to the public library and getting some books about Wicca. Silver Ravenwold writes an outstanding series for the new witch and Gary Cunningham writes good stuff for the solo practitioner. Almost anything from LLewellyn Books will offer you good and accurate information. Read a lot and decide if this sounds good to you. Determine what you think the Rede means and how to apply it in your own life. Come back and ask questions as you have them. Then, look around for a local New Age store or a spirituality group. You may be able to connect with other believers via a Unitarian Fellowship or other open-minded spiritual organization. Once you have connected without other people who claim to be Wiccans, ask about their beliefs and determine how well those mesh with your own beliefs. If they don’t fit, keep looking. Once you find a coven that fits with your beliefs and with people you like, ask about joining. Don;t be surprised if they want you to apprentice for awhile (often a year) to determine how well you blend with them and if you are really interested before they make you a full member. .

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  1. jasmar says:

    hi dear,
    my name is Jasmar cassar i am only 11 years i’ll have my birthday in 14 october. i wish to become a wizard but i can’t. NOW I WILL TELL YOU MY PROBLEM:


    Don’t say that i am too young, please.
    i wish to have some spellbooks like the book of shadows, and all the spellbooks. i live in malta it is near italy i go to secondary school. no body believes in witches here. so nobody sells things like book of shadows ecc. i wish to have a wand to. but only one thing that i am very sure. the magic of HARRY POTTER NEVER EXISTED.

    about magic.

    i don’t have any body to help me in learning magic. so i cut my heart. i wish that you answer me this 2 questions.
    .what can i do?
    .can we meet in marsa stifnu zerafa street in front the grocer. please if you can reply and answer my questions. and if yes please wear.
    .a long witchy hat.
    .a dress with many rosess (the flower) and with stars and moon. please lets meet in 2-10 june 2010 in 12:12. i can be late, if i will be late i will be there from 12:12 to 13:00. casue i will finish my school. in 14 june i will begin my school first exam. thank you for your mini corse of magic.only you are helping me in magic. please give me luck for my exam.

    Love And Light
    Jasmar Cassar
    121, Stifnu Zerafa
    Street Marsa MRS 2257

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