How do I become a witch?

Hi Rose! My name is Brinklie and i need help! I really want to become a witch, but im not for sure how, do i need supplies, because if i do i cant afford them because im only a pre-teen. Please Help! ~brinklie

Merry Meet Brinklie,
It is always wonderful to hear from people who wish to learn witchcraft. One of the most important facts in witchcraft is that all living things are born witches. We are made of the same “ingredients” that most of nature is made of. What distinguishes our appearance are our thoughts and physical shapes.
You do not have to “become” a with because you already are one! A witch doesn’t look any different from any other and the only differentiating aspect of witches is how long they have been practicing their art or skills. As babies we are born seeminly helpless and unable to talk. However, even a baby can have intentions that create. Just as a baby cries when it is hungry, babies can also wish for their mother’s milk and voila, the mother will get the message immediately and make plans to feed the baby.
All animals are born witches too. A dog can easily read our thoughts and we can try to communicate with him if we try to. Spiritual communication is possible inter-species as well. I hope that you now understand why you are already a witch.
All you have to do is to start reading about Witchcraft and learn more about the methods needed to make your spirit stronger. Meditation techniques do make our mind stronger and more focused. When our mile-a-minute racing thoughts subside, our mind becomes calm like a pond in a forest. Then, we can clearly put forth our intentions and make them reality.
As you are only starting out, try to use your spiritual strengh alone for spells. In this way, you will have no need of supplies, etc.
Brightest Blessings Brinklie

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  1. Mara says:

    I’ve heard of a quote from a movie – I can’t remember the title – that goes a bit like this:
    “There is a witch in every woman”. I can’t remember how it went exactly but even though it was a fictional movie, I’m sure that that quote is true. :)

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