How do I begin the Witchcraft path of Magick?

How do I start on a path of enriching my life with Magick? What things would you recommend I do to put into practice the gifts I feel I have (I feel I have psychic abilities)? I just can’t seem to find a way to release the power I feel I have inside of me… Thanks for your time. My blessings to you, Del

Hi Del-

Until you decide if you’d rather be a solitary practitioner or want to begin looking for a group to join, I would recommend Scott Cunningham’s “guide for the solitary practitioner.” This is a wonderful book that is well written and easy to understand. It will answer all of your basic questions and help you decide which branch of the path you would like to follow. Earth magick is very personal, and on some levels its better to study the basics before looking for a group.

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