How do I build my altar for Witchcraft?

How do I begin building my altar for witchcraft spells?

Alters should be set up in the north corner of the house or at least the room that the alter is in. You can use any stand you’d like, but we think natural materials are best. You will need a chalice or favorite cup, a pentagram, candles of all colors, an incense burner and different kinds of incense, some people like to have a small staute representing their special diety, or some figurines of their animal totem, it’s all really up to you. Salt is pretty much a necessity, in my book, but as every alter is personal and private, you can go any direction you’d like. Some people have very ornate wands, others have very simple items gathered from the woods or gifted to them by other wiccan friends. Type “wicca alters” into your search engine for some other ideas.

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4 Responses to “How do I build my altar for Witchcraft?”

  1. karl says:

    is it true that you can change the color of your eyes with magick?

  2. LAUREN CRAIG says:

    hello i have came across wican and realized ever since i was little i had a wiccan since….. a getting started would help me out please help! update ur website please!!! if you can help my alter where can i find a pentagram??? what kind of salt where do i put it???

  3. emma says:

    heyy um i know a lot about wicca and i am wiccan. i dont now what ur name is but you dont have to set up your alter in the noth you can put it anywhere! and put what ever you want on your alter.
    karl- i dont think so i never realy thought about it any who wiccas not realy that sort of magick
    you can find pentacles for your alter at any wiccan shop best websites: in america- ladyhawk’s treasures. australia- uncle festers.
    you can scater salt any wher on you alter or in a bowl. you dont need salt on your alter,you might need it for circles but you could put it on a shelf.

  4. Jodie998 says:

    Thankyou so much you have really helped and i cant really put my altar anywhere north so i have taken emma’s advice so thanks emma you are a life saver !!! x

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