How do I cleanse a crystal?

I have a crystal that needs to be cleansed. it was in a vehicle that had gotten stolen. It was recovered and I would like to clear the bad from it. please help.

Once you have cleaned the crystal physically, the next step is to cleanse the crystal of unwanted vibrations and energies from other people handling the crystals. Some people recommend burying crystals in salt for several weeks to performing elaborate cleansing ceremonies. Experiment and see what works for you. I recommend using a salt water bath for crystals that are able to take salt. Salt is good for removing negative energies from most crystals. However, Angelite, some marbles and pearls are sensitive to salt and their surfaces can be damaged quickly in a salt bath.

You can soak your crystals for a minimum of 7 hours, unless your crystals are extremely toxic. For very strong cleansing, soak the crystals in heavily saturated salt water for 3-4 days or longer. However, for normal daily wear, a light short 7 hour bath every 2 weeks is fine. Get a plastic bowl large enough to hold your crystal(s). Glass is fine but it could chip your crystals. Fill the bowl with water to cover the crystals in about 1 inch of water. Room temperature water is fine and it s best to have spring water which contains nutrients that crystals like. For more refined energies, use distilled water. The crystal will react badly if you go back and forth between extremes of very hot and very cold water. For each crystal, add 1 tablespoon of salt as a rough guideline. The “perfect” cleansing solution is a 30% solution of sea salt and spring water. But, genuine sea water is best! As a intuitive, throw a handful of salt over the crystals and leave the bucket in the sun.

Sea salt leaves the crystals with a different feeling than table salt. Sea salt has a more refined energy signature with a lot of small rainbow-coloured vibrations. Table salt is more coarse and has clunky yellow and grey-blue vibrations. It is better to cleanse your crystals in sea salt. Soak two crystals – one in sea salt and one in table salt. Rinse and then see if you can tell the difference energetically.

You can also smudge crystals with sage, sweetgrass or incense to cleanse them. This is especially good for crystals that cannot be soaked in salt water. Spend about 3-7 minutes doing a smudge, fanning the incense over the crystals with a feather fan. This is good for a whole cabinet full of crystals or if some are very large and awkward to bathe. Try not to use your hand as a fan – as the smoke rises, it pulls out and takes the negative energies away from the crystal. Passing your hand in this smoke will track these negative energies onto yourself. Don’t forget to give yourself a good smudge to clear your own negative energies, especially your hands which are handling crystals directly. You can also rinse your hands in salt water after using the crystals either on yourself or someone else.

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  1. miguel says:

    I would like to know if there is a list with all crystals that are sensitive to salt when we are cleaning them.

  2. Terri says:

    please be very careful using salt when cleaning, as you said they can get scratched, also depending on what type of crystal it might fall apart in the soaking, I had one do that, I was bummed. there are many ways to clean crystals, you just have to find what works best for you. Sage and sweet grass are good for more of your fragil stones. inter net has many ideas, I love the river and creek for the ones that can be in water, just make sure they can’t get away from you. good luck

  3. Ron says:

    How do I make reversing bath salts?

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