How do I create my own spells?

how do you write your own spells? do they need to ryhme like most do or can it be anything?

Greetings! Of course, you can create your own spells. Actually, the spells you create for yourself will be the most effective spells of all. A spell is nothing but our energies pushing forth to create our future. Only you know what it is that you really need. If you use spells that are created by others, the intentions may not be as clear or precise as when you write them yourself. To make your own spells, you will need very few things. If you would like to use candles or herbs, it is best to get a book on this subject. Looking at the book, you can find out when herb is best for healing or money and which anointing oil works best for love spells. You may also work a spell without any candles or herbs. This is very easy. here is the simplest way to create a spell: 1. Take a piece of paper and a pen and place it near your altar. Also get any candle you have and any incense you may have around the house. The candles and incense are not really necessary for the spell, but they help us concentrate more on our intentions. After a nice long bath, sit down by the altar and close your eyes. If you have a spiritual book, read a chapter or two from it. This allows your mind to calm down and focus on the work at hand. Get the paper and pen and write down your thoughts about solving this problem that you have. This may be in the form of a story, a poem or just random sentences. This should be a positive visualization of what needs to happen, not what the problem is. How would you feel when the problem is solved? That will become your spell. For example, if you want love to come into your life, visualize the perfect lover coming toward you and write it down. If you need money, imagine the bills showering towards you and making you happy and contented. Write down the emotions that you feel when you imagine or visualize this problem as already being solved. Read what you have written. This is your spell. The result of your intentions and yearnings. Now read it aloud. As many times as you would like. Then burn the paper on the candle or bury it in the yard to allow the powers and energies of the Air or Earth take care of your wishes and turn them into reality. See how you create your own spell? No, the words don’t have to rhyme. Rhyming is fun, but for a spell to be effective, the first requirement is that it is from the heart. Only you can create the best spell for you! Brightest Blessings!

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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  1. saddam says:

    am belive it????? it is not fact such as the black magic.any people beleave the black magic any were cantact me aboat it is right(saddamnasir)

  2. Hecate says:

    How to make spells? Well there are a few steps. Trust me, I’ve been doing spells for ten years.

    first: Choose what kind of spell you want
    second:When do you want the spell finished
    third: What godness are you working for
    forth: What moon do you need
    fifth: How strong do you want the spell tp work(The stronger the spell, the more of the tools and ingredence you use)

    *I do not choose the idems you need. Good luck pawns and I hope this helps alot.

    From, Hecate or mother of witches.

  3. arlene says:

    my boyfriend might lose his job, we fid out tomorrow, can i do an overnite spell for him to keep it? help???

  4. Kaity says:

    I like your work >:}

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