How do I cure a body of disease with a healing spell?

I would love to learn a spell for healing your body of diseases. I was looking into finding a shaman, but don’t really know where to look, or who I can trust. I live in Canada, Toronto, Ontario, I am 24 years old. Do you know of any shamans around my area and how much it would approximately cost me to see one ? Would I have to go only once ? Or, can you suggest a spell or ritual from getting disease out of the body?

Shaman is a wonderful idea. Look up Chinese natural herbal healing and medicines in your area to find a good healer. Acupuncture, Reiki, all Chinese medicines and alternative forms of healing can be very powerful allies. Yes, you will typically have to make several visits, but I know of no other healing that is so supportive and good. Blessed be.

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  1. Tabby says:

    I have been learning more about magick & reciving help when needed & asked. The Goddess is there for you when ever you are in need of help. You may not be a witch or even wiccan,but I bet if you were to call her by name ,offer her sweet smelling incences & light a candel for her, lay back & pitchure your self with no pain & no worrie.
    Manifest your self to be well again & allways think possitive ,never doubt her or the magick & energy you & the lady bring in to your life .
    I have lived by the wiccan ways all my life ,not even knowing about wicca, now that I have practist the craft ,call my self a witch & know my self & my Goddess, ….I can tell you this …..IT IS REAL !!!!

  2. cherry says:

    someone has put a curse on me of diseases
    can help me

  3. vanessa says:

    hi my name is vanessa and i wanted to see if u can help me i have alot of health problems right now i wanted to see if u can help me on a spell to get rid of all of them iget seizures, i have thyroid problems, calcium i always have to have an ivy transfusion when my calcium goes down i want to have my calcium at a right level. cause when my calcium drops i get seizuers. and i also wanted to see if u can help me with my finacial problems with all my doctors bills.
    if there are any easy spells out there.
    i believe and have faith in magic and everything else. thank u very much

  4. whitelightphoenix says:

    Magick is extremely unlikely to cure a disease that is incurable.
    There are dozens of spells, talismans, herbs, crystals etc. out there that have healing vibrations and whatnot; however, they are not going to ‘cure’ something like an inoperable brain tumor.
    Magick can help to ease the pain and suffering and may even be able to assist in temporarily abating the progression of the disease.
    If you want any magickal help then pick up a book like the rest of us and do it for yourself. Scott Cunningham wrote a book of magickal herbalism and a book of crystals that would make for wonderful spellcrafting guides.
    Learning the Runes is a good idea for anyone looking to start with any sort of magick, the Runes are an excellent way to tap into some older symbols of power and can be used in all forms of spell work.
    I will say that I am not a fan of Reiki, I paid a ridiculous sum of money for classes from a ‘respectable’ Reiki practitioner in the area that I live and got absolutely nothing out of it. All I felt was a connection to my own magick, so do what you will with that.
    I suppose that is all I have to say on the issue, and I wish anyone needing help a lot of luck.
    Blessed be.

  5. keith says:

    i want to don this for myb poor brother who has a heart problem..and also for my6 brother so pls help me…

  6. aliahk says:

    I think i have a hex on me ……and my parents dont even know i do witch craft ! im 13

  7. i need a cure for my dadys disease and needs to be cured asap follow me home and help me please

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