How do I do a wishing spell without using candles?

Hi Rose, My need is a wishing spell. that I can do without any candles or any other stuff. now that i learned from you how to cast a spell. I can do it. I wanted to ask too. when you cast a spell, can you hear soft voices repeating after you. cause when me and my sister were about 9 we didnt know anything about these stuff but we casted a spell to become a witch and to be locked in a castle when you walk trough that door. When I heard those voices repeating after me, I STOPPED!!! and I was afraid till now none of the spells I casted worked and I think the spirits saved me that day of the witch spell!!! Please anwser soon as possible and please send me a wishing spell how I need it! XxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxX Love and Light Jasmar Cassar 121, stifnu zerafa street Marsa MRS 2257

Merry Meet Cassar,
Yes, you are correct. There are many ways to work on wishing spells. Chanting is one of the best ways of spell-working as one can chant in our hearts and minds without any one else listening to us. Chanting is power and it is used all over the world as a form of prayer or affirmation. A chant pulls your own emotions and personal power and projects your desires into the Universe.
As the Great writer-wicca practitioner who wrote many early books on Wicca includign “The history of Wicca” says, Chanting is your power unlocked – it brings out the kinetic energy within you and start it rolling towards your personal goals.” Raymond Buckland (born 31 August 1934), whose craft name is Robat, is an English American writer on the subject of Wicca and the occult, and a significant figure in the history of Wicca, of which he is a High Priest in both the Gardnerian and Seax traditions.
Here are five chants to reinforce your aura which will make your thoughts more productive: Choose one of the chants that you are immediately attracted to and repeat it multiple times. These chants should be done on a Saturday . You may sit, stand or kneel for this chanting.
1. Gewaird thaitter sunu;
2. Ful tien winter
3. Tida and flu thissa
4. Getimbred from twam
5. Him from afaran het
Remember to repeat the same one over and over again to cleanse your aura and make you more powerful. When your spirit is powerful, everything you visualize with your mind will be created in your reality.
Brighest Blessings.

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  2. Mark Harmon says:

    Rose … please, dont play on anyone ignorance. these 5 line that you list as chants, are sentence fragments,meaningless by themselves. It is a Prayer in its entirety.This appears to be Old English/Anglo-Saxon: Ge-waird=fate/destiny, Thaitter=in order that, Sanu=vibrant/sound/healthy, Ful=filled/perfect, Tien=10, Winter=winter(year to year), Tida=marking time, And=with/before/on, Nu=now/at this time, Thissa=This (demonstrative pronoun), Ge-timbred= a building/to biuld/constuction, Fram=firm/stout, Twam=separate/divide, Him=in caps HIM=GOD) , From=come forth, Afaran=remove/take away, Het= spite/malice/hate=SIN. Repeating any prayer without knowing what it means is always a bad idea. Praying in Modern English with your own words from the heart is more powerfull. Note#- with out being aware of any old english idoms(common day phrases or word usage)… One could see the prayer as this…….In order that vibrancy and health are to be in your destiny with perfectly filled life over the next 10 years, You have been marking time( meaning you have been spinning your wheels,going in circles)before now, THIS( the new you) construction is firm /stout, but a separation has to take place, (the new you from the old you). Him(GOD) has to be asked to come into your life to remove/take away spite/malice/hate=SIN………. I hope this helps, If your goal is to help others,never play on anyones ignorance.

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