How do I do an awaking spell?

Hello, I am wondering about an awaking spell. Can you help me?

I talked with a couple of friends and we were split on what sort of awakening you want to accomplish. So, I’ll give you a little input on each possibility we discussed.

One possibility is that the person has been put to sleep magickally. In this case you would need a spell to undo the magick which put them to sleep. However, if they are simply asleep, it would depend on whether you are near them or away from them. If you are in the room, there would be easier and quicker ways to wake them. For the person who is a distance away, you would need to contact them spiritually and it would possibly take some time.

For an individual who is magickally asleep, the wiccan could enter a trance and use this level of consciousness to contact the person and wake them. The other idea which came to me, was if they were asleep figuratively or spiritually and you want to help them “see” which I consider an awakening. This could also be a way to bring the person’s subconscious back to the present. I did find a spell to revive or awaken magickal powers and abilities. Take a look.

In the Full or Waxing moon before midnight anoint a purple candle with real vanilla oil or extract.

Tighten yourself up and pump your hands, press your fingers to palms and envision the moonlight entering your body and flowing to the candle as you anoint it. This is best if done outside or in front of a window which is opened to the moonlight. Place the candle on the ground or windowsill and light it.


“Goddess of the Moon, love and light, I ask you to send me your magickal powers this moon lit night, Use the power of the starlight above. It shall be in the moonlit heavens.”

Visualize your outstretched arms soaking up the moonlight and the moonbeams absorbed into your body. Feel the awesome power being transferred to you. Snuff, (do NOT blow out) your candle and leave it in place overnight. At the sunrise, or before mid-day. place the candle in the same place and stretch our your arms toward the sun – soak up its heat and the sunbeams, Say:

“Lord of the sky, lend your magick to me. Let this witches powers be reawakened to be as powerful as the forces of the cool Moon and burning sun.”

Your powers and desire will be reawakened. Take your snuffed out candle to your altar and relight it to burn out as a mark of respect to the God and Goddess. This is one example, but remember that spells are always more powerful when you write them yourself. Don’t be afraid to adjust the spell when you repeat it.

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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