How do I find my Witch ancestors?

I was wondering how do I found out if I have witch ancestors? And how can I contact them to learn from them?

You don’t need to have had “witch ancestors” to learn from your dead relatives. They don’t need to have been practitioners for them to come through and guide you. People who practiced anything that might have been construed as witchcraft didn’t keep records or notes, out of self preservation, and most traditions and spells were handed down orally from grandmother to grand daughter, or son. To begin to learn from your ancestors, begin by learning to practice lucid dreaming, and there are some excellent rituals to be preformed on All Hallows Eve, when the veil between the two worlds is at its thinnest.

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4 Responses to “How do I find my Witch ancestors?”

  1. Kathryn A. says:

    I feel like theres a big part of me missing , a magikal part of me , but how do i know , i have alot of wierd things that happen to me .Like one time i dreamt of being attacked by something and it had bit my ankle , but i survived in the dream . The next day my dog got attacked and has a broken leg now . My eyes change colors , things pop in my head and i say it outloud and then it happens . What am i ? im lost .

  2. Bridgett says:

    My mom and i feel that we have wiccan or witch in us. I always feel that a part of me is missing but i’m so confused. When i want things to happen they do. whenever i dream they come true. I dont know what to do i am so lost

  3. Laurel says:

    I’m pretty sure i am a witch, or have Wiccan ancestors. but how can i find them on ancestor-finding sites? i know i may have a little bit of power… i know how certain choices will work out. i know things about people. also voices are in my head. usually the same one telling me what is right. i’ve tried moving things with my mind, but it never works. is there a way i can strengthen my potential? thanks.

  4. Fergie00 says:

    I had powers before i was even born! when my mother was pregnant with Me even though she has 5 children 3 of my sisiter me and my brother, when she was pregnant with me she could always tell good things were about to happen and also bad. it was like she already lived through it all her senses were stronger than ever even when she was pregnant with my sister and brother she had never felt anything like that before. It’s how she knew that her dad (my grandpa) had died. even though she was in a diffrent place she just had the urge to get up and go out to his house she also said she felt sick and knew something wansn’t right.

    Anyway the day i was born everything she felt went back to normal and ever since then (Im 17 now) ever since i was young i can dream the future and everthing people would say and do the next day. this caused a lot of DeJa vu which led to headaches. still get it. I could see the normal days what is what was and will be. but to be honest it depends on the people. and i could see accidents before they would happen.
    I could and still can sence people watching me even though i can’t see them it makes me uncomfturble.

    Recently i have been having a dream about the olden days and i was someone else who was married and the demon (whose name i will not say) keeps appearing to me. And i still sence his eyes watching me. it’s still freaking me out. because i can’t seem to shift the dream some nights it will be the same and other nights it will continue to were it left off. and sometimes i can’t remeber what happend in the dream.

    also when in my old houses (we moved around alot) i could never go upstairs on my own because i always got the feeling someone else was there someone who no one could see. i always had to wait till my mother or sister went up stairs so i wouldnt feel scared. “Im glad i’m in newly built house”

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