How do I find out who made me sick?

I have 2 children with a man that lives in mexico. Me and his children are us citizens and he is not. He has never met his 2nd daughter. And weve we havent seen each other for almost 2 years now. The reason is because the last time i went to visit him i started to become sick one week before i finally got on the bus to come back to the us. I sometimes get this feeling that my boyfriend practices blackmagic. And im begining to get these feelings he might of been the one who made me sick. Ive been sick since i came back from mexico and now have hemolytic anemia. How can i find out if my boyfriend could of done this? what symptoms should i look for and what should i do? Hes been getting angry at me because i havent gone to see him. And i find it odd that he would ask me to go again knowing that im still sick and i dont feel well. Honestly im scared to go again because it was an awful experience the way i got sick. Some thing in my body cause my red bloodcells to die my face turned yellow and my urine was the color of coffe. They had to give me 2 blood transfusions. they did several test on me. And the doctors could not figure out what trigured this 2 happen in my body.

Merry Meet Seeker, It is unfortunate that you became seriously sick one week before leaving Mexico. It is very difficult to find out who tried to hurt you. It could be your husband or any of his relatives who wished that you would never go back there. However, there is one way you can find out if it was your husband. There are spells which will send the evil back to the person who hurt you. If you find your husband healthy and happy, you will know that it wasn’t him and that he is genuinely missing you. So here is the spell that will reverse the hex. Bite OFF Candle Spell For this spell, get a small cup and fill it with dirt (soil). Place a small candle and light it. Grab the candle, lift it from the dirt and turn it upside down, extinguish it by pushing the lit end into the dirt, Make sure that the flame is extinguished. Now bite the burned end of the candle off and spit it out away from you. Straighten the wick and light the candle again and chant: As this candle is reversed, so is all the evil targeted towards me The flame is dead and attempts to hurt me are extinguished for ever Now let the candle burn all the way down. Place the dirt, candle stub, any wax in a brown paper bag and throw them away far from your home, preferably at a cross-roads. Return home via another route without looking back. Take a cleansing bath as soon as you are home. The hex is lifted and the one who hurt you is hurting now. Brightest Blessings. Rose.

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  1. Susan says:

    What does it mean when a wick refuses to light regardless of no draft in room and window closed? bad omen or just a bad wick or lighter[torch]? On other days, both items work fine.

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