How do I find the herbs I need for Magick?

Hi Rose, I have just brought your home study course. I live in New Zealand.And a lot of the plants are not available here,nor are some of the essential oils. Magick is a state of mind so If I am having to replace with other plants and scents etc It actually puts a block on my mind. I know this is silly. How do I work around this.I have been into herbal medicine for 42 years and you cant always replace with another herb the vibrations are not the same. Mairi Mairi

Greetings Mairi Mairi, It is very good to hear from you. I am so happy to learn that you are interested in herbs and their properties. Herbs have been around since human civilization ( even before that, I am certain) and have helped us eat, heal and relax. Although many countries have their own natural fauna and flora, many of the plants readily grow all over the world. It may be a good idea to get seeds and try to start a garden. Also, sometimes the dried forms of the plants are even more potent than the fresh versions. One of the advantages of dried herbs is that they keep forever!. And they are easily stored and transported. There are many websites online that will ship the herbs to you. How do we find the websites we trust? One way is to ask other practitioners around you. There are also books on herbs by several reputable authors like Mr. Scott Cunningham. Check out Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs” . This book also includes a chapter on Mail Order Supplies for Oils and Herbs as well as a section on Cross-reference of folk names. Like you have mentioned, you have the power to think differently. Always remember that herbs, tools, supplies, etc are just supplements to your own power and energy. They really don’t contribute much to your internal Magick. They may help you concentrate more, meditate deeply and relax during a spell. But the ultimate power that creates Magick is yours alone. It may help you to undertstand that you can work Magick without any external stimulants or supplies. If you use your mind to change any blocks that occur, you will be able to successfully use any herb for your purposes. You can dry and use the natural herbs found in your area. The natives probably know a lot about the local fauna and it if there are no books available on this subject, you could experiment with herbs in your part of the land and create one a magickal reference book. This will help others who will follow in your footsteps. Hope this helps solve your dilemma. Brightest Blessings! sometimes

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  1. brenda says:

    I am & have been a born again christian for
    many years. I have your “Mastering The Magick
    of Witchcraft” course. My question; Is it
    possible to be a christian and a witch @ the same time?

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