How do I get a lover out of my life?

Okay so I need a bath that I can take which will make my lover go away. I have done all I can for him but I’m afraid this man is beyond my love. He’s not a bad man but a hurt one and my love certainly can not save him, though I’m sure I have brought him to a better understanding about relationships. Which was my goal, anyway he quite powerful so I need something that will move him out of my life romantically for good. Our relationship has just gotten to be too much work. He’s egotistical and he must go. It will suit him better to find a women less …alpha then myself. He simply cannot handle conceding for love. Help please. Thank you.

Merry Meet Seeker,

Oh, dear! It is sometimes a touch harder to end a relationship than starting a new one. I completely understand your predicament.

I could not really gather from your message whether you have tried breaking up with your boyfriend in a straightforward, normal manner. In general, this is the quickest way to get somebody to leave – and believe it or not, the least complicated. If you have not done so yet, do consider a good old fashioned breakup as a possible first step. Then and only then turn to Magick.

If breaking up does not work, you can cast the following spell three days after the full moon:

You will need a piece of his clothing – preferably a shirt.  You will also need a handful of rue, a par of scissors and something fireproof within which to burn everything.

Take the shirt and rub the rue into it, chanting:

“Away, Away, Away, Away

The rue will drive you

Away, Away, Away, Away

(His name)

Away, Away, Away, Away!”

Carry on chanting until you have a stained green garment in your hands. Keep the bits and pieces of rue one side. Take the scissors and cut the shirt into as many pieces as you like chanting:

“Apart, Apart, Apart, Apart!

The scissors cut us loose!

Apart, Apart, Apart, Apart!

(His name)

Apart, Apart, Apart, Apart!”

Place all the bits of shirt and the rue in the fireproof container and set alight. As the smoke rises and eventually disappears, visualize him disappearing out of your life. When the fire dies, say.

“My spell is spoken

Our bond is broken.”

Good luck with the Spell, my dear!

Blessed Be!

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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