How do I get back my ability to concentrate and create magick?

Rose Thank you for helping ive lost my ability to concentrate on my witchcraft and i need help i can wait 2 days but i dont understand my lack. I love being a witch but life and situations keep happening and it seems like i just cant concentrate can you help me please there are so many things i need to achieve and so little time to do i practice alone and nobody outside my family knows about me so you are the only one i could ask thank you very much blessed be sharri

Greetings Sharri, Magick is not something we lose because we don’t practice it. It is inborn in us and will always be with us regardless of whether we use it or not. If you have lost your ability to concentrate, it could be because of stress or some experience that takes away your focus. You just need to do what you have been doing all this time. Try to get away from the daily happenings around you and seek some quiet time for yourself. Reading a spiritual book can also help your mind to become peaceful. Candles with scents frankincense, myrrh, sandalwood, etc. can also permeate our senses and make us more psychically aware. These scents open up our spiritual paths and enable us to attain higher levels of consciousness. Worry is the last thing you need right now. It may take you down further unless you act. By trying different things such as meditation, chanting mantras and relaxing exercises such as tai chi, yoga, Qi Gong, etc., you will be able to re-connect with your spiritual side and get back that peace of mind you may be missing right now. Believe in yourself and keep changing your tactics until you find the one that will immediately take you to your inner sacred space, transforming your thougths into creative spells. Taking a break, going on vacation or attending a retreat or spa may also help bring you back in touch with your spirit. Another way to corral your thoughts is to read a good book on Magick. Hope this helps with your problem and gets you back on track asap! Brightest Blessings!

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  1. Austin says:

    Dear Rose,

    I proudly want to say that you are my teacher, …
    by the way , I have seen a lot people who learning black magick. Most of their family do not know about that . Mine as well, If they know it , they will kill me… lol

  2. erin says:

    hi rose my name is erin. i was wondering i you know of any chatrooms where i can meet like minded people who are truly interested in wiccan/paganism? It seems i’ve been to every one an they talk about everything but. Help I feel like i’m alone out here, there has to be others. Blessings, erin

  3. katerra says:

    I have been a follower of the craft for a while but, my spells do not work in a timely matter nor at all sometimes. Instead my world gets torn apart. I need help to get these spells to work as well as protection for myself. I feel open and vulnerable. I am scared and in pain. I am in both physical and mental pain. Please help me Rose.

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