How do I get better at Astral Projection?

Hi Rose! I started spell casting last December and boy, am I enjoying it! I am still rather worried about my spells as I am actually a Christian Wiccan. And moreover, my whole family thinks it’s a joke! the only people who trust me are my cousin and 2 good friends who are also Christian Wiccan. Can you give me advice on how can I convince people that Magick REALLY exists? And one more thing, is there a sure-fire way for astral projection? I have tried to do it numerous times with no success. The only thing I succeeded in doing is making myself ‘dead’ to the world when asleep and I can practically sleep through a war! Best blessings, Calvin.

Greetings Calvin, Its wonderful to hear that you and your friends are trying your best to lead a Wiccan lifestyle. Good for you! I hope your parents and family will understand when they see that you are always willing to help others, conserve our resources and overall are good citizens of this World. That is what matters most. It is difficult to convince people that magick exists. Only by believing in it and practicing it every day do we strenghten our mind and spirit. It takes most people a lot of practice to get in touch with their spirit. If we believe that we have no power and that we are not allowed to choose or create our future, we feel helpless and unable to believe in anything but an external power. You all go ahead and get better at Magick so that you can help others and show them how to create good luck, fortune, good health, etc. Prove it with your life so that they may believe. Astral projection is similar to what we all do in sleep. The feeling of flying, swimming effortlessly or entering rooms without even thinking of a door or window are examples of how our spirit can easily trave out of our body. To completely accomplish astral projection, we should be completely relaxed and there should be no doubt or fear of what happens during Astral projection. Keep a notebook and pen near your bed to write down whatever you remember about your dreams as soon as you get up in the morning. By comparing your thoughts of the night before and your dreams during the night, you can slowly get an idea of how to change your thoughts, and what to focus on when you go into astral projection. There are many sites with information on Astral Projection on the internet. Check out: One book that may help you learn more about Astral travel is “Astral Travel for Beginners” by Richard Webster. Hope this helps answer your questions. Brightest Blessings!

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